Roland DJ-707M | First Look and Review

Roland are back with a brand new DJ controller and this time they are taking aim at one specific market, mobile DJ’s. Is this controller the ultimate for DJ’s carrying their own gear to parties, or is there more to this controller than first meets the eye? Let’s find out!

Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 Smart DJ Controller

We take a look at Pioneer DJ’s most affordable DJ controller to date. With no audio connections and designed to connect to your phone via Bluetooth this little controller will no doubt turn heads in the DJ community. Could this be the controller that launches the next generation of DJ? Let’s find out!

MWM Phase DJ Review

Phase DJ is a wireless DVS controller that removes the need for needles on a turntable altogether. Does this new technology live up to the hype? Here is our complete review!

Pioneer DJ DDJ-800 Review

The DDJ 800 is the highly anticipated all new 2 channel controller from Pioneer DJ. With the great success of the 400 and 1000 units, does the 800 do enough to dominate the mid range market too?

Denon DJ Prime 4 Review

It’s hard to comprehend that it was only back in January that Denon DJ, teased and then revealed the Prime 4 to the world. Finally it’s here and this is everything you need to know about the DJ product of the year!

Pioneer DDJ 400 Review

With more and more entry level controllers entering the market, we take a look at the latest offering from arguably the biggest brand in the market. The Pioneer DJ, DDJ 400. Promising looks and features from it’s flagship line up, we find out if the DDJ 400 is worth your money.