Hercules DJControl Inpulse T7

hercules t7 review

Hercules DJControl Inpulse T7

Hercules is set to break down the barrier to turntablist-style DJing as they announce their new flagship motorised 2-channel Serato DJ controller for under $700!

Turntablism has been synonymous with DJing since the 1970s and is still what many think of when they hear the term DJ.

The Hercules DJControl Inpulse T7 has arrived to offer beginners a convenient way to get hands-on with spinning vinyl and opens the door for those who prefer a controller but want to taste the authentic roots of DJing.

This accessible new offering from Hercules marries the digital advantages of Serato DJ with the hands-on analogue control of spinning decks for the lowest price on the market.

Its alluring design of two mini turntables sitting between a battle-style mixer is not the first to hit shelves, but it is the first to do it for under $1,000! 

DJControl Inpulse T7 Main Features

Hercules has achieved a relatively inexpensive motorised controller by stripping out certain functions found in the competition. 

With its closest competitor, the RANE ONE, priced at $1,500, the T7 offers plenty of core features for less than half the cost.

Here’s what’s been packed into this impressive controller!

  • Two 7” motorised jog wheels with spinning metal platters, felt slip-mats and removable vinyl for an authentic turntable feel 
  • Battle-style mixer with FX paddles and large performance filter pots emulating an entire battle DJ rig 
  • Relative lightweight at just 11 lb / 5 KG. Impressive for a device packing two motors that is half the weight of the two leading competitor devices!  
  • Full-size tempo adjustment sliders for accurate mixing.

The T7 ships with Serato DJ Lite, a stripped-back, beginner-friendly version of the world-famous DJ software. However, a subscription to Serato DJ Pro will unlock the controller’s advanced features

Hercules’ performance software, Djuiced, is also included for those who want full access to T7’s features at no extra cost. 

Jog wheels of steel

This standout feature is sure to attract many DJs. Its 7” jog wheels sit on spinning platters whose motors get going fast despite being belt-driven! Great news for those who like to scratch or stop-start their tracks for musical effect!

The included vinyl on top of each jog is removable and sits on a mini slip mat, emulating a complete turntable experience.

Tempo adjustment sliders are a generous 10cm long, essential for manual beat matching, a staple skill of turntablists. Longer faders provide higher accuracy for fine-tuning a track’s tempo.

Fully featured performance pads with dedicated Stems control

Even though Serato DJ Lite only allows access to four performance pads, each deck on T7 has eight. Comfortably accommodating Serato DJ Pro, T7 is designed to be more than a beginner device.

The performance pads all have access to 8 different modes. One of which is dedicated to Serato Stems

The turntablist and open format scenes are famous for creating mashups, and the ability to do this using Stems with a simple button press has now made it easier and quicker for DJs to make remixes on the fly!

Four of the eight pad modes are left blank for users to customise themselves. Another hint that the controller is not only for beginners but also considers the comfort and muscle memory of seasoned users.

Simple and Effective Battle Style Mixer 

The mixer is laid out in classic battle fashion. It hosts a generously spaced out and otherwise bare crossfader and upfader section to allow quick hand movement. Typical of DJs who are scratching and beat juggling.

The crossfader appears to be standard Hercules rather than a specialist scratching third-party offering from the likes of InnoFADER. With three cut-in presets, this should provide perfect control for beginner DJs to practise scratching.

Its FX paddles are laid out as they are in top-tier gear, so DJs should quickly feel at home if they progress to a flagship set-up. Serato’s software effects are easily accessible and adjustable with the additional parameter buttons and controls.

The mixer’s 3-band EQ and filter pots sit traditionally on the top half of the mixer. This is well spaced out and includes a volume VU metre in the middle.

The simplicity of the design is excellent for those new to the craft, as it puts a real emphasis on getting the basics right.

Lightweight Design With Retractable Feet

T7 is truly portable! It comes in at 5kg and has easy grab handles on both sides; it can be transported anywhere! It is by far the lightest controller of its kind, hosting two high-torque motors and still coming in at half the weight of its closest competitor!

A familiar feature of the T7 is the return of the ever-popular retractable feet from the Inpulse 500. These elevate the controller to a more comfortable working height and lift the electronics out of the way, protecting them from any accidental liquid spills on nearby surfaces.

T7 Premium Edition

In true homage to the scratch scene, Hercules has announced a beefed-up premium package for an extra $100 over the cost of the standard T7.

With this revision, you get a T7 controller with gold accents reminiscent of the gold-plated turntables winners of the DMC world DJ championships receive.

These also include higher-quality premium faders, scratch slip mats and a travel bag!

Great if you’re serious about cutting, as it means there’s no need to mod the device with a mini InnoFADER faders kit costing $175!


The Tables Have Turned for Open Format DJs

As a device born of a collaboration between Hercules and Serato for DJs of all levels, the T7 is set to make a real impact on the open-format, turntablist crowd. 

Hercules has described this controller as offering “Authentic turntable materials, for authentic DJ moves”, and with its super lightweight and no-nonsense design, the T7 provides even experienced open format DJs a budget-friendly option.

This device is even more significant for newcomers to the world of spinning wax, removing the barrier to entry with its low price point and beginner-friendly features.

As with the entire line of Inpulse controllers, T7’s hardware includes beat-matching guides to help newbies master the basics.

In Djuiced or Serato DJ, users can see if they need to nudge a jog wheel forward or back or if they need to make a tempo slider adjustment, all by LED indicator lights on the unit. 

This built-in support solidifies Hercules as the go-to for beginners aspiring to be at the top of their game.

It is the unique blend of accessibility and authenticity that come together to make T7 the most exciting progression yet for DJs wanting to play on motorised platters. From fans of open format to those taking their first steps into the battle scene. 

Beatmatching by ear is a fundamental skill turntablists swear by and a topic we cover comprehensively in our beginner DJ courses.

We also offer a dedicated online scratching course to give you all the skills and practices you’ll need to assemble impressive routines suitable for beginner and intermediate DJs.

For those looking to master Serato, we offer a fully comprehensive set of courses that take you through the basics of setting up and perfecting mixing techniques to advanced DJ transitions.


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