Denon DJ LC6000 Review

Denon DJ LC6000 Review

Denon DJ LC6000 Review

Denon DJ LC6000 Review & Guide

What would happen if you took Denon DJ’s most advanced media player ever and removed the screen and internals. It sounds a crazy question but the answer is one of the most versatile DJ controllers we’ve ever seen. Introducing the LC6000, a USB Bus powered controller thats unlike anything thats come before it.

Denon DJ LC6000

Build Quality

Designed primarily to control the second layer of the exceptional SC6000 media player. Sharing almost the same chassis, the LC6000 features the same top tier components. Including a 8.5″ jog wheel, full-sized pitch fader and eight RGB performance pads. The large capacitive jog wheel retains the inbuilt LCD screen, ideal for display track artwork or the DJs logo of choice.

Denon DJ LC6000 Review

There is no difference what so ever from the SC6000‘s construction baring the apparent removal of the 10-inch display. The LC6000 is instead opting to place a large needle search touch strip its place. The removal of the screen and the SC6000’s internals and ports have left the LC6000 with very little weight.

Set Up Options

Layer Control – SC6000/SC5000 & SC6000M/SC5000M

The most apparent use for LC6000 is to control the second layer on a Denon SC-series Prime player. With each of the Denon SC range capable of outputting two layers of music, the addition of the LC6000 essentially creates a four-deck set up from two players. The LC6000 connects to one of the SC players USB ports. Powered via the USB, the players instantly set up for use with the second layer with no additional steps.

LC6000 & SC6000

Although the LC6000 makes a fantastic addition to a pair of SC6000’s, creating the ultimate four deck setup. The best value in the LC6000 comes when paired with a single SC player. This combination, creating a traditional two-deck setup, offers incredible value for money compared to Denon’s rival players. A pair of Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000’s with an RRP £4,338 costing more than double that of the Denon combination.

Software Control – Serato DJ Pro / Virtual DJ / Algoriddim DJay

The LC6000 connects to various DJ software via the single USB B connection on the rear. Once connected, selecting which deck to control is as simple as pressing the according performance pad. With no audio outputs on the LC6000, the controller will need to be used in conjunction with a compatible sound card, mixer or controller.


The LC6000 is fantastic when paired with a four-channel controller such as the DDJ-1000. This combination enables the user to have complete control over the third or fourth deck without sacrificing control over decks one and two. Although the SC6000 allows control over the third and fourth deck, it’s worth noting that due to the lack of audio ports, it will need to be paired with a device capable of outputting four channels. This does mean users of smaller controllers, such as the DDJ-SB3, won’t be able to use the LC6000 to control the secondary layer.

iOS Control

Although the USB-B cable powers the LC6000, an external 12v power brick is supplied inside the box. The external power supply included allows the SC6000 to connect to mobile devices that cannot power numerous players at once, such as iPhones and iPads.

Supported by Algoriddims DJay software, the LC6000 can be used with the devices built-in speakers or with a compatible mixer/controller. Do note, depending on your device of choice, a lightning or USB C hub/adaptor may be required.

lc6000 review

In Conclusion

The LC6000 is an exciting concept, providing flagship build quality and controls to almost any setup. With Rekordbox locked away exclusively to Pioneer DJ hardware, there has been a strong rumour that Traktor support is around the corner. That leaves the LC6000 working with almost every notable set up, all except Denon DJ’s own Prime 4. This is a disappointing omission, especially when you consider that the two devices can be combined when connected to Serato DJ Pro. We have heard from Denon DJ that Prime 4 support will be coming in the future, it’s just a shame it’s not there from launch.

Denon DJ LC6000 Review

Priced at £599, the LC6000 is an interesting product that will no doubt be adored by some and ignored by others. It’s a very compelling purchase when paired with a SC6000, creating a full set up at over half the cost of Denon’s main rivals. However, £599 might prove too much for those simply wanting to control an additional deck.

Regardless of the price, this is a fantastic product that shares the same build quality and feature set that we found so compelling in the SC6000. With all this power and compatibility, the LC6000 could become the ultimate stepping stone product for Denon DJ, introducing laptop users to the prime range.

Video Review & Performance

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