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How To Get DJ Gigs Course

Are you ready to take your skills from your bedroom to the club but unsure how to get your foot in the door?

This course is built around three pillars to success. First, you will learn about mindset, goals, targets and setting yourself up for success. Second, you will learn how to create the right content that engages and goes viral, increasing your reach and awareness as a DJ. Third, you will learn how to network, collaborate and get in front of the right people. Each section has detailed videos to help make the course actionable but also entertaining. The free workbook provided will help you discover who you want to be as a DJ and work towards becoming successful.

This career-driven course focuses on mindset, accountability, actionable tasks, and much more. We recommend you are already a confident DJ who thinks they’re ready for the club. If you know you have the skills to play to a crowd and you’re ready to take the leap then this is the perfect place to begin.



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What You’ll Learn

Part of becoming a DJ is not only learning the skills but also how to showcase those skills, build a following, network with the right people and get gigs. This will allow you to turn your hobby into a career if you choose to. Most of our team are working DJs who did just that. Combined, they have spent over 50 years as working DJs in the industry and made a living doing it. Playing at some of the biggest clubs and festivals worldwide, the team is ready to share their secrets to success and how you can make it in today’s world of social media.

This course will help you discover your potential as a DJ, set clear goals for success and help you along the path to turning your hobby into a career. Learn how to use social media to elevate your presence quickly, build a brand and get noticed by the right people in the industry. Learn how to network and collaborate effectively.

This course is backed by the knowledge of not just our team but multiple pro DJs working around the world from touring DJs, to residents, event DJs to artist booking agents. You will get first hand advice from them inside the course too to back up all the actionable tools and learning within the course.

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Course FAQs

After Taking The Course Will I Get A Gig?

We don’t provide gigs as part of the course. This course is all about building up your reputation online and in person. We give you guidance and structure to help give you the best chance for success. We believe in making your way in the industry organically through these methods. You can’t buy your way into the industry; it takes commitment and hard work, but we guarantee that if you action everything within the course, you will have the best chances for success, and a gig will likely come your way soon after!

Do I Need To Also Buy A Mixing Course?

We would recommend buying one of our mixing or beginner courses if you’re new to DJing or don’t feel confident with your skills yet. The last thing you want to do is get your first gig but then not feel confident enough to perform at it. Becoming a confident and creative DJ can take time but thanks to our range of mixing courses you can master these skills with ease ready to show off through the content strategy outlined in this course.

What Equipment Will I Need?

This course can be taken no matter what DJ equipment you own. This career-driven course focuses on mindset, accountability, actionable tasks, and much more. We recommend you are already a confident DJ who thinks they’re ready for the club. Part of this course is about how to level up your social media, and you must already be confident with your DJ skills. If you’re new to mixing, we recommend one of our beginner courses first to learn the basics before trying to get gigs. Please note that this course will not guarantee a gig; however, it will change how you look for gigs, where you promote yourself and how you get your foot in the door. Be prepared to put the effort in, there are no shortcuts in this industry, and those who put the effort in now will see success in the long run.

Who's The Tutor?

Our dedicated DJ tutor Lawrence James has over 20 years of DJ experience from working as a resident and guest DJ while playing at some of the biggest clubs and festivals around the UK and beyond. He still works multiple residencies a week and has made a living from DJing for over 15 years. All his experience and knowledge are packed into this step-by-step actionable course.

What Support Will I Receive?

After you enrol in a course, you will instantly access all the videos and lessons to watch as many times as you like. Each lesson has a dedicated comments area for you to ask tutors any questions you may have. You can also get in touch with tutors via email if you’re having problems, and we’re there to support you every step of the way.

Which Languages Are The Courses Filmed In?

Our courses are all filmed in English. Unfortunately, we don’t have subtitles available in other languages. Multi-language support is something we will be adding in the future so check back for updates.

How Do I View My Course?

Purchased courses are instantly accessible via our student portal learning area. You can access your course and lessons 24/7 and watch each video as many times as you like. If you have an iPhone, we also have an iOS app to access our learning portal on the go! Everything in the app syncs up with the web so that you can work seamlessly between the two.

You can also take your lessons on the move by downloading them for offline viewing inside the app. Just like Netflix!

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