Numark NS4FX Review & Comparison

numark ns4fx review

Numark NS4FX Review & Comparison

With 4 deck mixing becoming ever more popular, live streaming DJs taking over the internet and the demand for high-quality audio, have Numark delivered a DJ controller that ticks all the boxes? The Numark NS4FX is their answer to these demands and more. On paper, it looks like a steal, priced close to an entry-level controller but with multiple professional details added! Below you will learn about the controller, its price, our thoughts and watch our complete video review guide.

numark ns4fx

Numark NS4FX

What’s Unique About This Controller?

Pricing vs Quality
This equipment’s priced closer to an entry-level controller; however, the NS4FX features professional inputs & outputs for higher quality sound. You can connect the $499 NS4FX to a club sized sound system and provide high-quality 24-bit audio.

4 Channels
The NS4FX also has four channels for creative mixing for up to four decks, making it the cheapest four-channel controller with dedicated mixer controls currently on the market.

Designed For Live Streaming
It’s also perfect for live streaming setups as the sound from the microphone gets mixed with the master output and passed along the USB cable to your computer. Therefore you won’t need any external soundcards to be able to live stream with a microphone from this controller, something other controllers of this price don’t offer.

Fader Cuts Mode
This performance mode allows DJs to replicate unique scratch sounds whilst moving the jog wheel. Fader cuts, however, aren’t a selling point but a unique feature than can introduce a DJ to scratching

On-Board Jog Displays
Even though this isn’t a unique feature of this controller, it’s undoubtedly one of its selling points for its price point. It’s always handy to see the BPM of each song right there on the controller. No more glancing over at your laptop during every transition.

ns4fx jog displays

Numark NS4FX Jog Wheel Display

Which DJ Software Works With The NS4FX?

Because the Numark NS4FX works with Serato DJ Lite, Serato DJ Pro, Virtual DJ & Algoriddim DJAY, you have a range of software to pick between to use the controller’s performance features.

Numark NS4FX Key Features

  • 4 channel DJ controller with dedicated volume faders.
  • Large Filter knob on each channel
  • 6” capacitive-touch jog wheels with multicolour display
  • Layer buttons to control up to 4 software decks
  • Paddle style FX section with up 6 FX (More with Serato DJ Pro)
  • Dedicated loop section
  • Crossfader assignment switches on each channel
  • 8 performance pads on each deck 
    • Hot cues
    • Auto loop
    • Fader Cuts
    • Sampler
    • Scratch Bank
    • Pitch Play (SDJ Pro)
    • Roll (SDJ Pro)
    • Slicer (SDJ Pro)
    • Extra features in the scratch bank on SDJ Pro 
  • Long pitch faders with pitch bend buttons
  • 3-band EQ on each deck with full kill
  • Microphone audio passes through USB cable for live streaming
  • High-quality 24-bit audio
  • Balanced XLR Main output
  • RCA Booth output
  • Front ¼” microphone input with volume and tone controls
  • Additional rear ¼” microphone input with controls (switchable to Aux with RCA inputs)
  • ¼” and1/8” headphone output jacks
  • Serato DJ Pro upgrade ready.
numark ns4fx mixer

Numark NS4FX Mixer

Numark NS4FX Price:

USD: $499.99
EUR: €499.99
GBP: £414.99

Release Date

Non-US release date: April 21st
US release date: May 17th

What Numark Say About Their Product:

“The Numark NS4FX is the perfect combination of creative mixing tools and high-quality audio,” says Chris Roman, Numark Director of Product Development. “Full control over 4 deck mixing and pro-grade connections have never been offered at such a competitive price point. We’re extremely excited to build on the incredible NS series legacy and bring this new addition to DJs that demand the absolute best when it comes to their craft!”

numark ns4fx inputs and outputs

Numark NS4FX Inputs & Outputs

What We Think About The NS4FX

This controller is a little bit of a contradiction, in my opinion. The Numark NS4FX labelled as a professional DJ controller, ships with DJ software aimed at beginners. It’s not to say that you can’t grow with this controller, as it has the option to upgrade to a Pro version of Serato DJ and unlock many more innovative features. It’s nice to see a controller of this price have professional inputs and outputs for higher quality audio.

A huge selling point is simply that the microphone output is sent through the USB so those watching a live stream can hear your shout outs. Usually, with controllers at this price, you need an external soundcard to play beats from your bedroom over the internet. This controller allows new DJs to share their unique skills without purchasing extra sound equipment.

It’s a shame that it doesn’t ship with a full license for Serato DJ Pro; however, I believe that the Serato DJ Lite software is one of the best for beginner DJs. If you’re new to mixing, you won’t be disappointed with this controller!

Should You Upgrade To This Controller?

I’m not sure the NS4FX is an upgrade for most DJs. Yes, it will unlock the potential to mix four channels at once and have more control over those channels; however, I genuinely believe two channels are enough for most DJs. It can get tricky to mix four tracks with only two decks, as switching between the layers can confuse most pro DJs. Just because a DJ has four channels doesn’t mean their mixing will instantly sound better. It comes down to the DJ and their experience in being creative with four channels. The Numark NS4FX is a cheap upgrade for any DJ who wants to utilise a microphone in their live streams or gain balanced audio outputs for taking this controller to gigs.

Numark NS4FX vs Pioneer DDJ-FLX6

Numark NS4FX vs Pioneer DDJ-FLX6

Numark NS4FX vs Pioneer DDJ-FLX6

The main competitor for the Numark is the Pioneer DDJ-FLX6. Here are some key things to consider before purchasing one over the other.

The DDJ-FLX6 is $100 more than the Numark NS4FX; however, it also unlocks Serato DJ Pro and its expansion packs for free, making this a saving compared to the Numark NS4FX if you upgrade the software in the future.

DJ Software
The DDJ-FLX6 works with both Serato DJ and Rekordbox. Rekordbox isn’t supported on the Numark NS4FX. Therefore, if you think you would like to end up on CDJs in a club, then it makes sense to get the FLX6 and get used to the Rekordbox eco-system.

Each controller has many performance features; however, the Numark NS4FX is more suited to Serato DJ. The FLX6 is labelled primarily for Rekordbox, so it can get confusing when switching between pad modes on Serato DJ Pro.

Jog Wheels
This category is tricky, as the Numark has onboard BPM displays, which is excellent; however, the FLX6 has bigger jog wheels that feel closer to a CDJ setup. If I were to use one of these controllers for scratching, it would have to be the FLX6.

Sound Output
The Numark NS4FX wins this round, hands down. The FLX6 only has an unbalanced RCA master out and doesn’t send the microphone through the USB for live streaming.

Power Source
The Numark needs a power supply, whereas the FLX6 is powered solely by USB, something to consider when purchasing.

I feel the effects section is more intuitive and quicker to activate on the Numark NS4FX. The DDJ-FLX6 can be confusing to toggle between the effects in the effects channel, and you need to reference your laptop to see which effect is active. However, the Numark is labelled, making it easy to activate your desired effect and then change them.

The Verdict

We can’t say that one controller is better than the other; they’re simply different. Each offers 4 deck control, but the rest comes down to personal preference and what you want to do with your DJ controller. It also comes down to the software! If you see yourself playing in clubs on Pioneer DJ gear, then the FLX6 is a no brainer. However, if you want to make the most of your controller right away, such as live stream with it using a microphone and take it to gigs, the Numark edges out on top.

Video Review

Here is our complete video review of the Numark NS4FX.

Do You Want To See It In Action?

Watch as Danny James takes all 4 decks for a spin in this performance mix!

Learn How To DJ With Crossfader

If you’re looking to buy this controller or the FLX6, then check out our range of Serato DJ and Rekordbox courses below. These courses will help you go from beginner to pro DJ on either setup!

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