Stop dreaming and start DJing today.

Introducing the Pioneer DDJ-FLX4 DJ Course. This step-by-step interactive video course will turn you into a DJ with your FLX4 Controller.

Are you currently asking yourself these questions?


How does this thing work?


What is beatmatching & timing?


How do I set up my FLX4?


Where do I download music?


What DJ software should I use?


How can I learn to mix like my favourite DJs?


Where do I even start?

That’s where we come in….

But who are we?


A team. A community. An education platform.

The first to review the latest DJ products. A passionate group of DJs. Certified by Serato DJ, Beatport and Beatsource. Recommended by Pioneer DJ.

Trusted worldwide with over 1 million subscribers across social media.

But we are also you!

We have been you at every step of the journey.
Now we’re here to help, share, educate and ensure you succeed!

Get mixing your favourite music on your DDJ-FlX4 today even if…

  • You have never touched a single button on your controller.
  • You need help understanding words like BPM, Tempo, and Hot Cues.
  • You’re not sure what genre you want to play.
  • You need to figure out where to start.
What’s Inside?

Only in this course will you find

Proven Strategy

A proven step-by-step method used to teach over 15000 students all over the world how to DJ from scratch


Everything you need

Our free Crossfader Music Pack provides the music used throughout the course. You also get a FREE 3 MONTHS TRIAL to Beatport or Beatsource (New customers only). You can watch each lesson 24/7 from our app, watch wherever you are offline, and adjust the playback speed to your preference.

Rapid Results

From speaking to our students, we know you will learn how to mix…QUICKLY! Within the first five lessons, you will get a quick win and learn the basics of beatmatching and timing. You WILL be DJing by the end of the day.

Certified Teachers

We are certified by Pioneer DJ & Serato as official trusted educators. Plus, we have had a combined 30+ years as full-time working DJs.

Interactive Learning

We want to make the learning experience as enjoyable as possible. We are the only DJ education platform to offer interactive feedback. We have found this keeps our students engaged and motivated throughout the course.

The details

Whats inside the course?

Module 1 - Getting To Know Your FLX4

  • Introduction To The Course
  • DJ Tools & Free Music Download
  • Rekordbox Interface & Preferences
  • Importing, Analysis & Music Management
  • Online Streaming Services
  • Sounds Inputs & Outputs
  • Basics Of Hardware

Module 2 - Beatmatching & Timing

  • Understanding Timing & Beat Matching
  • Catching The Number 1
  • Perfect Your Timing
  • Make Use of the Crossfader DJ Tools Pack
  • Understanding Sync and Why It Can Go Wrong
  • Grid Editing
  • What Is Quantize?
  • Timing With Hip Hop and Drum & Bass
  • Getting Used To The Tempo Adjust
  • Beat Matching Basics
  • Further Beat Matching
  • Beat Matching Other Genres of Music
  • Guess The BPM Game

Module 3 - DJ Mixing

  • The Golden Rule
  • Song Structure
  • Using The Golden Rule For Seamless Mixing
  • Time To Use Headphones
  • When To Mix In & Out
  • When To Mix Other Genres In & Out
  • EQs & Filters
  • Creating A Flawless Sounding Mix
  • Create A Flawless Sounding Mix with Hip Hop

Module 4 - Taking it further

  • Do More With The Filter
  • Smart Fader Tutorial
  • Smart CFX Tutorial
  • Extended House Set
  • Using Streaming For A Mix
  • Extended Hip Hop Set
  • Final Word
  • Bonus Content
Our Promise

Our Guarantee

We are confident in the quality and effectiveness of our DJ courses and guarantee you will be mixing your favourite music confidently within 30 days! If, after 30 days that hasn’t happened, just email us for a full refund.

Or, for any reason, if you find yourself unsatisfied with the package within the initial 30 days of enrolment, simply reach out to our customer support team, and we will promptly refund your investment without any hassle. We have complete faith that our education delivers and want you to feel confident joining us.


Pioneer DDJ-FLX4 DJ Course FAQs

Does the DDJ-FLX4 come with DJ Software?

Yes this controller unlocks Rekordbox and Serato lite, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing any DJ software right out of the box.

Does the DDJ-FLX4 have Bluetooth?

Yes, you are able to use Bluetooth to connect the Rekordbox DJ app so you can DJ with your smartphone or iPad right away!

Can I connect a Bluetooth speaker to the DDJ-FLX4?

We recommend using a wired connection to your speakers to prevent any latency.

Can I use my phone to DJ with?

Yes, the Rekordbox DJ app works with the DDJ-FLX4 wirelessly or using a USB C cable.

What software is best to use with the DDJ-FLX4?

The great thing about this course is that all the lessons are filmed in Rekordbox and Serato, so you can decide which one you prefer.

Get to know these faces!

Meet the team

Lawrence James

  • Favourite genres – Hip Hop / Rap / R&B
  • Speciality In Education – I teach DJs how to be more creative & how to make a career djing using social media.
  • Career highlight – Selling out an 8-week summer of my own headline shows in Greece. Touring several O2 academies in the UK and ran a successful year of my own events in Dubai.

Jamie Hartley

  • Favourite Mixing Style – Open Format Mash Up
  • Speciality In Education – Vast knowledge of DJ software and hardware
  • Career Highlights – Warming up for Martin Garrix at one of his first club shows in Leeds, UK. Warming up for Jazzy Jeff at Mint Warehouse in Leeds. Playing a Boat Party in Ibiza. Playing to 10,000 plus people at multiple UK festivals.

Danny James

  • Favourite Genre – House / Techno / Drum & Bass
  • Speciality in education – Knowledge of specific genres & hardware
  • Career Highlight – Playing on the Deadmau5 UK Tour. Warming up for Andy C, Pendulum & Marshmello.




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