How to use the Serato Sampler

One of the oldest performance features within Serato, the sampler is capable of much more than just playing a airhorn for urban sets! In this tips and tricks, we break down the Sampler to show you how to maximise it’s use in your sets!

The Inputs and Outputs on a DJ mixer

Stand alone professional DJ mixer carry more inputs and outputs than a regular controller. In this guide, DJ Holland breaks down all the ports so you know exactly how to wire up correctly!

Setting and Managing Your Levels!

Setting your gain structure and controlling your levels is a critical part of every DJ routine. Often overlooked and the main cause of bad sounding audio and mixes, it’s important for every DJ to know how and when to adjust the gain. In this video our DJ tutor Jamie Hartley breaks down the essentials to make sure your mixes never suffer from unwanted distortion or compression.

Scratching with Acapellas

Acapellas or “A cappella” to give it its proper spelling, are a vital tools for DJ’s allowing them to create live remixes and transition between songs with more flair. In this free tutorial Jamie Hartley breaks down different ways to combine scratching with the use of a cappella’s to take your sets to the next level.

DJ controller not connecting to Mac? – How to fix the common driver issue!

A recent update to Mac OS X included improved security surrounding driver installation. If rushed, you may miss this crucial step when installing your DJ hardware, meaning loss of audio and sometimes no connection at all. Crossfader’s resident geek DJ Holland breaks down the steps you need to look out for when installing your hardware to ensure a perfect connection every time!