Unlock DJing Secrets: How to Use Loops Like a Pro!


Unlock DJing Secrets: How to Use Loops Like a Pro!

Unlocking Creativity with Loops in Rekordbox & Serato DJ

In this article, we take you behind the scenes of our DDJ-FLX4 Pro course with some free sneak peek lessons embedded below.

Looping in Rekordbox or Serato DJ isn’t just a feature; it’s a doorway to creativity. Think of it as one of your secret tools when building your sets! Whether you’re warming up the crowd during your set’s peak hours or winding down, loops can add depth, texture, and energy to your performance. But first, it’s essential to understand the different types of loops. Rekordbox and Serato DJ offer a variety of looping methods to suit any situation:

  • Manual Looping: For the hands-on DJ, manual looping allows you to set your loop’s in and out points on the fly. It’s perfect for capturing those spontaneous moments that can’t be planned, but it is not the best method if using Serato DJ as this method won’t quantize to the grid, unlike Rekordbox.
  • Auto Looping: When precision is key, auto-looping is your best friend. Rekordbox or Serato will set a perfectly timed loop with just a click based on your selected beat length. This is ideal for maintaining the energy on the dance floor without missing a beat.
  • Active Loops: Active loops are a proper set-and-forget solution. Pre-set an active loop at a specific point in your track, and Rekordbox will automatically engage it every time you play that track. The same can be done in Serato, but you must activate the loop before it reaches that point in the song. This is all explained in the videos in this article. It’s a fantastic safety net for ensuring smooth transitions or keeping the energy up without constant monitoring.
ddj-flx4 loop controls

Manual loop buttons on the Pioneer DDJ-FLX4.

Why Loop?

Loops are not just about repeating sound; they’re about expanding the possibilities of your performance. They allow you to:

  • Extend the Playtime of a Track: Perfect for when you need more time to mix or want to savour the crowd’s favourite tune a bit longer. This method can be taken care of with active loops!
  • Create Builds and Drops: Manipulate energy on the dance floor by looping track sections to build tension before releasing it with a drop.
  • Add Layers and Texture: Looping can add complexity to your set by layering loops from different tracks. Think of them as building blocks in your DJ set!
  • Make intros: Use looping to extend any song’s instrumental section, creating an intro.

Spotlight on Active Loops

Active loops deserve a special mention. They are handy for automating parts of your performance, allowing you to focus on other elements of your set. Imagine never worrying about missing the cue for that perfect mix-out point again. With active loops, Rekordbox or Serato DJ has your back, ensuring you’ll never miss that crucial moment, no matter how lost you get.

Deep Dive: How to Use Looping In Rekordbox

This lesson is taken directly from our DDJ-FLX4 Pro Course, with 70+ other lessons available for Rekordbox and Serato DJ, covering everything from hot cues to effects, creative mixing and smart features. The course will help you go from basic intro-to-outro mixing to pro-level transitions!

But I use Serato DJ…

No problem; the video below is also taken from our DDJ-FLX4 Pro Course. Learn how to use active looping and saved loops in Serato DJ to help take control of your transitions.

Elevate Your DJ Skills with the Pioneer DDJ-FLX4

Ready to take your looping to the next level? Our free video lessons above from our Pioneer DDJ-FLX4 Pro DJ Course are just the beginning. Dive deeper into the world of DJing with comprehensive lessons that cover everything from the basics to advanced techniques, all on the versatile Pioneer DDJ-FLX4 controller.

Whether you’re just starting or looking to refine your skills, the FLX4 Pro course is designed to elevate your DJing. With expert guidance and insider tips, you’ll master the art of looping and much more, ensuring your sets stand out.


Looping in Rekordbox and Serato DJ opens up a realm of creative possibilities, making it an essential skill for modern DJs. From manual to active loops, understanding these tools allows you to craft dynamic, engaging sets that captivate your audience. And with the Pioneer DDJ-FLX4, you have the perfect platform to explore and expand your looping skills. Dive into our course to unlock your full potential and bring your DJing to new heights. The next level awaits. Check out our comparison here if you’re unsure whether to use Rekordbox or Serato DJ with your DDJ-FLX4.


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