Hot Cue Play – DJ Mixing Tutorial

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Hot Cue Play – DJ Mixing Tutorial

What are the hot cues?

Hot cues are an important creative tool that nearly every DJ uses to enhance their mix. One of the most popular ways to set up and use hot cues are on different phrases within a piece of music. DJs can then jump to a new phrase, such as a breakdown or a drop whenever the hot cue is pressed. However, another creative way to start using hot cues is to play them more like an instrument.

Creative hot cue play!

For this creative DJ tutorial, you’ll first need to set up multiple hot cues on words in a vocal or notes within a melody. Picking points in a song that are exposed is key to this technique working. You don’t want to try to perform hot cue play with parts of the song that are busy and contain a lot of frequencies.

What you will learn in this DJ tutorial!

  • Essential rhythm and timing in music.
  • Where to set up hot cues for this DJ technique.
  • Basic finger drumming.
  • How to cut using the crossfader.
  • How and when to add effects to this technique.
  • How to combine all the skills together to create a unique performance.

Tracks used in the tutorial:

  1. Epitome of Hype – Ladies with an attitude (underground mix)
  2. Phats & Small – Turn Around
  3. Benny Blanco – Eastside
  4. D Kay – Thinner Edge

Video Tutorial

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