Genre Mixing Explained: Creative Open Format Mixing You Can Learn

open format dj course

Genre Mixing Explained: Creative Open Format Mixing You Can Learn

Psst.. you’re about to get a look inside our Open Format DJ Course! This course is specifically designed for DJs looking to broaden their skill set across various genres and techniques. This course, tailored for intermediate to professional DJs, covers a wide range of topics essential for mastering open-format mixing. From technical skills to creative transitions, the course aims to equip DJs with the tools needed to perform seamlessly across any BPM or genre.

Sneak Peek Lesson 1: 140BPM – 172 BPM

The techniques covered in this part of the course highlight how huge BPM gaps can be covered easily by combining a few simple techniques. Setting well-timed loops and syncing between the songs before adjusting the tempo is a surefire way to get from one genre to another easily.

Watch and learn as our tutor, DJ Blakey shows how to move from Blinded By The Lights (Nero Remix) into Chase & Status’ smash hit Baddadan on the Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX10.

If the lesson above felt quite simple, this next lesson, taken from later in the course, gets much more complex. It shows just how diverse the lessons within the course are and the scope of what’s possible when it comes to mixing between genres!

Sneak Peek Lesson 2: Advanced Sample Switch-Up

This advanced lesson showcases a live mix of “Il Macquillage Lady” by Sister Sledge into “Aerodynamic” by Daft Punk, utilizing hot cues for a sample switch-up on the Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX4.

Transform your DJing skills with our Open Format Mixing Course, led by DJ Blakey. This course is designed to equip you with cutting-edge mixing techniques and creative strategies to excel across genres:

  • Wide BPM Ranges: Master mixing across various tempos.
  • Beat Gridding: Learn standard and elastic beat gridding for perfect sync.
  • Key Mixing: Harness harmonic mixing for smoother transitions.
  • Stem Mixing: Dive into advanced stem mixing with Serato vs. Rekordbox.
  • Looping & Hot Cues: Utilize looping and hot cues for dynamic performances.
  • Basic Scratching: Get started with fundamental scratching techniques.
  • Mixing Between Genres Creatively: Explore techniques for smooth transitions across diverse music styles.
  • Wordplay Techniques: Master wordplay to creatively connect tracks through lyrical or thematic elements.
  • Sample Switch Ups: Learn how to incorporate and switch samples effectively to enhance your sets.
  • Making DJ Edits and Routines: Dive into creating your own edits and routines for a unique performance.
  • Recording Sets: Learn the best practices for recording and sharing your DJ sets.
  • Special Event Mixes: Create themed mixes for birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, and more.

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Comprehensive Course Overview

Module 1: Technical Foundations

We start by deep-diving into the technical aspects crucial for open format mixing. This includes mastering BPM adjustments, understanding key mixing, key shifting, setting beat grids accurately, and utilizing stems. It’s all about ensuring you have the technical skills to handle any mix.

1. Introduction To The Course
2. Music & Perks
3. Are You Ready To Begin?
4. Wide BPM Ranges
5. Crossfader Set Up
6. Introduction to Beatgrids
7. Beat Grids – Standard vs Elastic
8. Interactive Lesson: Beat Gridding Recap
9. Key Mixing
10. Interactive Lesson: Mixing In Key Quiz
11. Stems – Serato vs Rekordbox
12. Looping & Hot Cues
13. Software FX vs Hardware FX
14. Basic Scratching
15. Scratch Bank
16. Hot Cue Play Training
17. Serato Flip

Module 2: Genre Mixing Basics

Learn how to transition between genres by matching songs with similar BPMs seamlessly. This module simplifies the art of genre mixing, making it accessible and straightforward.

18. Same BPM Transition: House to Hip Hop
19. Same BPM Transition: Disco to Hip-Hop
20. Same BPM Transition: Drum & Bass to Trap
21. Interactive Lesson: Genre Blending Made Easy

Module 3: Advanced Genre Transitions

Here, we explore advanced techniques for mixing across genres and BPMs. We’ll cover several strategies and examples to bridge different musical worlds confidently.

22. Wide BPM Transition: House to Hip Hop
23. Wide BPM Transition: R&B to House
24. Wide BPM Transition: Reggae to Drum & Bass
25. Wide BPM Transition: Pop to Drum & Bass
26. Wide BPM Transition: Dubstep to Drum & Bass
27. Wide BPM Transition: Hip Hop to Pop
28. Wide BPM Transition: Afrobeats to House
29. Wide BPM Transition: 115bpm – 100bpm

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Module 4: Mastering Wordplay

Discover how to creatively connect songs through wordplay, adding a layer of cleverness to your mixes that engages and surprises your audience.

30. Multi Genre Wordplay
31. Hip Hop Wordplay Routine
32. Rap Wordplay Transition
33. Money Wordplay Routine
34. Interactive Lesson: Wordplay Challenge

Module 5: Sampling Techniques

Understand the power of sampling in music production and how to blend original samples with their modern versions, enriching your sets with depth and context.

35. Sample Switch Up: Disco to Dance
36. Sample Switch Up: Disco to House
37. Sample Switch Up: Old vs New
38. Sample Switch Up: Advanced Transition
39. Interactive Lesson: Sample Switch Up Challenge

Module 6: Creating Mashups

Stand out by creating your own mashups. This module teaches you how to combine tracks to make your sets unique and memorable.

40. Creating Mashups: Simple Method
41. Creating Mashups: Finding The Perfect Match
42. Creating Mashups: Chopping Vocals Over Instrumental
43. Creating Mashups: Combining Genres
44. Interactive Lesson: Mashups Quiz & Recap

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Module 7: Edits for Club Performance

Adapting your skills to a club setting can be challenging. Learn how to make your techniques work on different equipment, ensuring you’re never caught unprepared.

45. How To Record
46. Adapting Home Edits for Club Performance
47. Creating Your Own DJ Edits For The Club
48. Creating A Complex Edit

Module 8: Seasonal and Thematic Mixing

Seasonal events offer a chance to be creative. Learn strategies for thematic mixing, ensuring you’re the go-to DJ for holiday parties and special events.

49. Thematic Mixing: Birthdays
50. Thematic Mixing: 80s Minimix
51. Thematic Mixing: Valentines
52. Thematic Mixing: Halloween
53. Thematic Mixing: Christmas
54. Thematic Mixing: Trending
55. Thematic Mixing: 90s Minimix

Module 9: Building DJ Routines

Tie everything together by learning how to build engaging routines. This module encourages you to use all the techniques you’ve learnt to create compelling performances.

56. Combining The Techniques
57. Building Routines: Club Routines
58. Building Routines: Social Media
59. Building Routines: Turntablist
60. 5 Routines Using Everything Taught So Far!

Module 10: Bonus Content

The learning doesn’t stop. We’ve reserved some advanced tips and tricks for our final module to ensure your growth continues beyond the course.

Course Structure:

The course is structured to provide a progressive learning experience, starting with fundamental skills before moving into more complex techniques and creative aspects of DJing. It emphasizes hands-on practice with detailed tutorials and real-world examples to ensure DJs can apply the concepts in their performances.


The Open Format DJ Course by Crossfader is an invaluable resource for DJs aiming to elevate their mixing skills to a professional level. Through a comprehensive curriculum that covers a broad spectrum of techniques and creative mixing strategies, this course prepares DJs to tackle any genre or venue, ensuring their sets remain dynamic, engaging, and innovative. With expert instruction and practical demonstrations, DJs are equipped to expand their repertoire and captivate audiences with their versatility and creativity.


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