Free Serato DJ Lite Beginner DJ Lesson

Serato DJ Lite

Free Serato DJ Lite Beginner DJ Lesson

Learn How To DJ With Crossfader

This free DJ tutorial on the Pioneer DDJ SB3 is taken directly from our Beginner Online DJ Course specifically for this controller using Serato DJ Lite. Although filmed on the SB3, this tutorial is easy to follow along with any Serato DJ Lite controller. Here you can take a sneak peek inside the DJ courses and learn a few tricks along the way.

One of the key skills every DJ needs to understand is what the EQs and filters do. They’re often overlooked but are very important in creating a balanced and clean sounding mix.

Free DJ Lesson For Beginner DJs

In this free DJ lesson you will learn how to control the EQ’s and filters on your DJ controller. Although filmed on a Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 this lesson is also applicable for a wide variety of Serato DJ Lite controllers. These include the Numark Party Mix, Numark Mixtrack, Hercules Impulse, Reloop Ready and much more!

EQ’s & Filters

Want To Learn More??

Now that you understand what the EQs and filters control in the music the next step is to start using them in the mix. Creating a seamless blend between two tracks is the cornerstone of a great mix. In our Beginner DJ Course, you will learn how to start mixing with the EQs, other performance features like hot cues and loops, and also how to use the effects to enhance your mix.

What else will you learn inside the course?

  • Essential music theory to create perfect mixes.
  • How to beat match by ear.
  • Serato DJ essentials.
  • How to start using performance pads and basic effects.

What you will get with the course:

  • 24/7 access to video tutorials.
  • Lifetime access.
  • Crossfader Music Pack to download.
  • Links to free music/remixes/edits to help build your music library.
  • Support via the comments section on each lesson and exclusive Discord community.
  • Free iOS app to learn offline, anytime, anywhere.

Want to learn more about DJ’ing on Serato?

Most relevant courses for Serato:


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  1. Gabriel Knight

    Hello I’m Dj I got serato mix I’m learning how to use it

  2. Deima

    how did you record the music from serato dj lite??

    • Jamie Hartley

      We used an external dictaphone recorder with a line in. We then split the audio from the master out with one running to the recorder and the other to the speakers. The audio then needs to be turned into mono rather than stereo in the editing process.


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