Algoriddim DJay Pro Review

Djay Ai Review

Algoriddim DJay Pro Review

One software for all, or so it seems at first glance, Algoriddim has an application for almost every platform. But can Djay break the mould and join the “big three” at the peak of DJ’ing software. 

Today we take a look at the full range of Algoriddim Djay, a piece of software you can find on every platform, from Windows through to Android smartphones!

Algoriddim DJ Pro 2 on iOS (iPad and iPhone)

The most well known of the various version of DJ Pro, the iOS version really is the flagship of Algoriddim’s offerings. Slick, intuitive and surprisingly powerful, Algoriddim has managed to pack the app full of powerful features and a whole host of expansion.

The Free Version

The app is a free download from the app store and includes two virtual turntables, complete with working motor stop/start and tonearm. 

Performance features such as loops, rolls and hot cues are all accessible. The free version includes five essential effects which all work post-fader. Also included in the free version is a basic auto-mix mode which is excellent for making playlists more house party friendly.

Paid Version

To unlock the full suite of performance features within DJ Pro 2 you will have to pay a subscription, currently $4.99 per month or $39.99 annually. Sadly there is no way of purchasing the software outright in one purchase like you can with Serato or Rekordbox.

The premium version of DJay really unlocks the true potential of the app. You can now plug and play with over 50 of the best controllers in the market. These include devices by Pioneer DJ, Numark, Hercules and many more!

We also now have access to a much more powerful auto-mix feature with in-depth settings to fine-tune your party’s playlist. The four-deck view is great for combining with four-channel controllers. Alongside the four-deck, we also unlock a new two-deck view. It is more library focused (think Serato/Rekordbox) and a single deck preparation view, perfect for setting hot cues and beat grids prior to a set.

Both the iPhone and iPad also have access to the looper. The looper is a bank of downloadable sample packs that can be mixed and synced into your mix. You can add more sample packs free of charge by downloading them from the inbuilt store. Supplied by Loopmasters these sound great and the functionality almost feels like a carrying a miniature launch pad in your pocket.

However it is worth noting that there is no way of loading your own samples or loops, so voiceover tags and personal one-shots can’t be triggered manually sadly! 

Video DJ’ing on iPad

Finally, we have a video mode, yes that’s right, full video DJ’ing on a handheld device!

Outputting in 1080p DJay Pro 2 can mix two decks of video, with various transitions and custom image and text overlays. On top of this, you can download custom visualizers for audio tracks, including the sampler packs! You can even choose to show images over the tracks if you wish, perfect for bar offers or maybe a photo slideshow at a wedding!

The sheer amount of professional features included in DJay is staggering and surprisingly cheap, considering the cost of rivals software and required expansion packs. However, you may find you’re spending some of the savings on adapters, dongles and cables thanks to Apple’s choice of ports on these devices.

Algoriddim DJ Pro 2 on Mac OS

Algoriddim has kept everything that makes the iOS version so brilliant and simply added more performance to the app for the laptop version. The app is available from the App Store for £48.99 and there is no subscription option.

Compatible with even more hardware now with midi support and audio interfaces, DJay is almost half the price of its competitors and that’s before you add expansion packs to them. We get the feeling DJ’s might have their heads turned by this price point given the advanced performance features and a long list of compatible hardware.

The laptop views all remain the same, however, the looper feature is now gone. Not surprising, to be honest as the mouse and keyboard inputs would have made the feature very difficult to operate.

You can still choose to display 6 or 12 one-shot samples which are completely customisable. Choose between any samples included packs, purchase more packs from the store or record your own with the computer’s mic! A great feature and something we wish the iOS version will receive in a future update.

The video DJ mode has now been boosted to support 4K files at 60 frames a second and even supports output to Airplay devices such as an Apple TV!

Algoriddim DJ Pro on Windows

The clue might be in the name, but the Windows version of Algoriddim DJ Pro sadly lags behind the Apple equivalent. It is still a very capable piece of software with vast hardware support and feature-packed four-deck DJ’ing. Sadly, the great video DJ’ing mode is missing and the overall interface isn’t as clean to look at.

Designed to complement the Windows Surface line of devices, Algoriddim has even gone to the trouble of integrating the use of the surface dial device. The balance between touch input and keyboard/mouse has been implemented very well and must have been difficult to develop forgiven the transforming nature of the modern Windows devices.

Not knowing if the device is going to be a tablet, laptop or even a convertible must have an impact on the developers and their choices. How ever that doesn’t make up for the lack of any video DJ’ing. The windows version costs almost the same as mac and sadly is lacking the same features.

Algoriddim DJ 2 on Android

The cheapest of all the apps, at just £2.99 the Android version feels a long way behind its iOS variants. The basic interface still offers streaming integration, recording of mixes and a basic auto-mix function. However, we lose video DJ’ing, four-deck DJ’ing, the single deck mode and the customisable views.

Hot cues, slip mode, basic effects and loops do remain however but the hardware compatibility is drastically reduced from over 50 to just 4 basic entry-level controllers. We found in testing on a Samsung Galaxy S9 that the app didn’t fit the devices display properly. DJay also caused audio issues with phone when exiting the app which was disappointing.

To be honest, at £2.99 it’s worth having on your phone in case of emergencies and it is fun to play with to kill time. However, compared to the other versions of the same software, this really does feel very old and left behind.

We feel for the developers as again, the android world carries millions of different devices that have varying levels of performance.

Our full review of Algoriddim DJay

Want to learn how to DJ with Algoriddim DJay?

Introducing App Academy, our free to watch mini-series that will break down your first few mixes on Algoriddim DJay Pro. With free music downloads to play along, we break down the bare essentials so you can get started mixing straight away within the app. We will be adding more free lessons in the future so make sure to subscribe and click the bell icon to be notified when they are released!


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