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Thanks for taking the time to learn with Crossfader. We hope these two free lessons specifically for Traktor will help you come up with new mixing ideas and improve your DJ skills. These two lessons are taken from inside our Traktor DJ Courses and The DJ Hub, so if you enjoy the lessons and want to learn more just check out the courses here and the DJ Hub here.

Where to set hot cues and how to use them creatively.

This first tutorial breaks down where to set up hot cues for practical and creative mixing purposes.

This lesson is taken directly from our Traktor – Intermediate DJ Course. If you enjoyed this lesson and want to keep learning more DJ skills then check out the course below.

This course includes lessons on:

  • Using performance features such as hot cues, loops and more to mix creatively.
  • How to grid your music correctly.
  • Creating energy in your sets using mixing tricks.
  • How to start using mixer FX and Traktor FX banks.
  • Genre specific mixing techniques.
  • Plus loads of other techniques!

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Advanced FX Combo Tutorial

This next 2 part tutorial starts to look deeper at the Traktor FX banks.

Part 1

Part 2

Lets enhance this technique even more in the next tutorial.

These lessons are taken directly from our Traktor – Advanced DJ Course from inside our DJ Hub. If you enjoyed this lesson and want to keep learning more DJ skills then check out the course inside the DJ Hub.

This course includes lessons on:

  • Mastering the remix sets and using them creatively.
  • Building your own remix sets and performing live edits of songs.
  • Lots of new ways to transition up and down in BPM and between genres.
  • In-depth FX chains and combo ideas for different mixing styles.
  • Practical ways to combine Traktor’s performance features and effects in your mixes.
  • Using stem decks in your DJ sets.
  • Loads of lessons on how to set up and use acapellas effectively.
  • Ways of thinking, to help you get creative in your DJ sets.
  • + much more!

traktor advanced course

Pssst… not ready to sign up but want to check out more free Traktor lessons? Find out what the difference between stem decks and remix decks are here.


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