Beginner DJ Lesson – What Are EQ’s On A DJ Mixer?

what are eqs

Beginner DJ Lesson – What Are EQ’s On A DJ Mixer?

What are EQ’s on a DJ mixer?

Every single DJ mixer and controller has a set of EQ controls on. When starting, many DJs will be unsure what they are and, more importantly, how to use them. They’re essential for creating a seamless blend when transitioning between songs. The EQs give the DJ control over various frequency ranges. Most common are the lows, mids and high-frequency bands. Some DJ mixers will have 4 EQs where the middle EQ is split into two controls; low-mid and high-mid.

what are eqs

In this tutorial taken directly from our DDJ-400 Beginner Course & Rekordbox Beginner Course, you will learn what the EQs and filters do. You can then learn to take this theory and put it into practice by performing clean blends using the EQs and filters inside the course.

The songs used in this DJ lesson can be found inside our Crossfader Music Pack, free to download after signing up here.

Tracks Used:
Dots Per Inch – Too Far
Example – All Night (Dots Per Inch Remix)

Video Tutorial

Enjoy the lesson?

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Still, want to learn some more tips for free? In this video, we will teach you the difference between EQ and Isolator settings on your DJ software or equipment.


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