How To Get Rekordbox Stems On Any Pioneer DJ Controller

rekordbox stems

How To Get Rekordbox Stems On Any Pioneer DJ Controller

Rekordbox stems are here, and we have an easy way to get them onto your DJ controller!

Rekordbox stems, or, as labelled by Pioneer DJ, Rekordbox Track Separation Technology, was made available upon the release of the Pioneer DDJ-FLX10 controller.
With that release, stems are now available to all DJs who already own a compatible Rekordbox controller, thanks to MIDI mapping. Before getting started, update to the latest version of Rekordbox and activate Track Separation Technology in the extensions tab of Rekordbox settings.

What are Rekordbox Stems?

Track separation technology allows you to split the song into three parts, the vocals, the drums and the rest of the instruments. You can then remove any of those ‘stems’ from the song whilst it’s playing. This technology works in real-time, using locally stored files or streaming tracks. With Rekordbox Stems, you can even apply effects directly to any of these three song parts.

Method 1 – Easy Option (Midi Mappings)

The first method is the easy option. Sign up here to download the midi mapping file for your controller, then watch the video or see the images attached in the file download to see how it is mapped out.
download midi mapping rekordbox stems
Midi mappings we have available:

How To Get The Midi Mapping On Your Controller

To get it working with your controller, click ‘midi‘ at the top of Rekordbox, click ‘Import‘ and load the downloaded file.

import midi mapping

How It’s Mapped Out

Stems Toggle On/Off Buttons

  • Pad FX1 – Pad 5 – Drums
  • Pad FX1 – Pad 6 – Vocals
  • Pad FX1 – Pad 7 – Instruments

Please Note* Pad FX1 is a shift function on the DDJ-400. You access it by holding shift and pressing the beat loop pad mode. On all other controllers, press Pad FX1 mode.


Stems FX

  • Hold Shift + Channel Cue 1 – Drums FX
  • Hold Shift + Channel Cue 2 – Vocal FX
  • Hold Shift + Master Cue – Inst FX (DDJ-400, DDJ-800, DDJ-FLX4)
  • Hold Shift + Channel Cue 4 – Inst FX (DDJ-FLX6, DDJ-FLX6GT, DDJ-1000)


If you own a different setup, you can just read on to find out how to map Rekordbox Stems out for yourself. This applies to all-in-one units such as the XDJ-XZ or XDJ-RX3. It even works with CDJ-3000s or any other Rekordbox-compatible product.

DDJ-1000 & DDJ-800 Stems With Pad Editor

If you own a Pioneer DDJ-1000 or DDJ-800 then there is an easier way to get the Stems activation on your pads. Follow the steps below:

  1. Activate Rekordbox Track Separation in the extensions tab in settings.
  2. Click the PAD button along the top of the screen (near gear icon and midi button)
  3. Change a pad mode to User1
  4. Choose the pads you want to change and locate the track separation elements within the transport section of this drop down.


Please note, this only applies the stems for each deck. You will still need to map out the stems FX features using the midi mappings provided or by the method below.

Method 2 – How To Midi Map Rekordbox Stems

If you don’t like the mapping we have created, or you own a different bit of equipment to those we have already created mappings, then time to put 10 minutes aside and map the functions yourself. Don’t worry; it’s easy enough to do; follow the simple step-by-step guide below and use the embedded video for extra support if needed.

Before you start!

Remember, when midi mapping features to your equipment, you’ll need to remove some features to make room for this. Think about which features you use the least on your gear and replace them. Shift functions also work, so some of those hidden secondary layers could be a great place to add your mappings.

Make sure to enable the track separation engine before following the steps.

Step 1: Open Midi

Just click midi at the top of Rekordbox. Just make sure you have your DJ controller or equipment already plugged in.

rekordbox midi

Step 2: Add Functions

Add the functions you want to map out. Make sure to add them for each deck you wish to apply them to. For example, if you have a four-channel controller, you must add each function in the deck tab four times.

Deck Tab

Here is the function to toggle the stems on/off. Select which deck the function is assigned to from the dropdown.

  • ActivePart Drums
  • ActivePart Vocals
  • ActivePart Inst

rekordbox stems midi

FX Tab

Function to add effects to specific stems.

  • ActivePart Drums
  • ActivePart Vocals
  • ActivePart Inst

rekordbox fx stems

Mixer Tab

If you want to add part isolation to use the EQs as volume fader for the stems, this can be found in the Mixer tab.

  • PartISO Mode
  • PartISO Drums
  • PartISO Vocals
  • PartISO Inst

part iso rekordbox stems

Step 3: Find Functions

Press ‘learn’, then hit the pad or button you want to assign it to. An error saying it’s already in use will appear. Just note which TAB this midi message is under and the Midi In or Midi Out code. This can help you find the relevant functions to delete.

find midi to delete rekordbox

Step 4: Delete

You can search through the relevant tabs and find the functions to delete. Don’t worry; you can always hit the default button at the top to reset your controller mapping if you make a mistake.

delete midi

Step 5: Learn

Ensure you’re in the proper pad mode or have the suitable pads available before pressing the learn button, so you don’t accidentally map it to the wrong pad.

Step 6: Assign

Tap each pad you want to assign each feature as you scroll through them.

rekordbox midi learn

Step 7: Export

Make sure to export this midi mapping to save it in case you want to revert between the original mapping of your controller and this new stems version.

Step 8: Have Fun & Share

We hope you enjoy Rekordbox Stems and share this article with anyone who uses Rekordbox! (Reddit/Facebook groups/DJ mates)

If you want inspiration for using Stems when mixing, check out this DJ mix… or this one!

If you’re ready to learn new skills with Rekordbox Stems, our Intermediate Course for Rekordbox has some tutorials dedicated to this feature. Check it out below!

Or, for guaranteed success as DJ, with fast results, check out our Complete DJ Package! We’re so confident that we can help you level up your skills, we’re offering a full money-back guarantee if you don’t!


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