The Complete DJ Course (FREE!)


The Complete DJ Course (FREE!)

Welcome to the Complete DJ Crash Course

Are you an aspiring DJ but don’t know where to start? We’ve put together this free DJ course of core skills needed to become a DJ and start dropping tunes like a pro!

Here, we go through basic skills to promote yourself, find gigs and move over to professional gear.

These nine essential lessons have come straight out of our industry-certified courses, all available with our Complete DJ Package, designed to help you succeed as a DJ, no matter where you are in your journey.

Check out the free DJ course below and follow along at your own pace with our Crossfader DJ tutors.ย 

Let’s go!

Download the crossfader free music pack here

Lesson 1 – Free tools & downloads

To begin your DJ journey, you are going to need some music.

If you’ve already got a killer music selection, you’re off to a great start! But if you don’t, that’s not a problem.

We have a music pack readily available for you to download. It’s full of exclusive tracks from our friends, great for kick-starting a music library if you’re a new DJ! This is the music we use throughout our tutorials, so it’s also helpful to have for following along.

There’s something for everyone, from hip-hop, afrobeats, R&B, house and garage to bass, trance and tech house bangers!ย ย 

Download the music pack here, and let’s get started!

Lesson 2 (FLX4 tutorial) – Perfect your timingย 

The saying that a DJ must “drop it right” is accurate.

DJs must play the right song at the right time to create the right vibe. And from a technical standpoint, they need to press play on the decks at the exact right time!

The foundation of any DJ at any level is the ability to perfect and understand timing when mixing. You can’t progress without this core skill.

In this lesson from our Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX4 course, follow along with Jamie as he teaches you how to get your musical timing right and what to do if you don’t quite hit play at the perfect time!

Lesson 3 (Techno Course tutorial) – Slow Mixing with EQsย 

It’s time to turn to the mixer and begin experimenting with EQs. The EQ controls are found vertically running down every channel on virtually every DJ mixer.

In a lesson here from our Techno Mixing DJ Course, Danny teaches you how the HI, MID and LOW EQ pots affect the sound of the music and how to use them as a sound-sculpting tool to create a seamless blend that goes from one track to another, and then back again!

This crucial technique separates a track’s bass, vocals and treble to create a pro-sounding, polished mix.

Lesson 4 (Serato DJ course tutorial) – Performing an extended DJ setย 

This lesson is always the most rewarding as you progress throughout our DJ courses. This is really when it all starts to ‘click’, and instead of learning how to DJ, you are DJing!

Now is the really exciting part, where we get to combine all of our DJ skills in an extended mix!

Performing an extended set lets you see how the isolated techniques you’ve learned work together to make a bigger picture.ย ย 

Watch and follow along with this lesson from our Serato DJ Beginner Course as Lawrence explains his thought process for each improvised mix performed, with tracks taken from the ‘House’ folder of our Music Pack.

Lesson 5 (Hip Hop course tutorial) – What Makes A Good Mashup?

Most of our students enjoy learning how to mix multiple genres of music. It’s something that we regularly encourage. In this lesson, taken from our Hip Hop Mixing DJ Course, we dive into the world of ‘mashups’ and how they can add creativity to your sets.

Mashups are becoming increasingly popular following the introduction of Serato Stems in 2022, but we’ve been championing this practice for years!ย 

They often go down so well because they offer the audience something completely brand-new yet recognisable to listen to simultaneously. They’re also a great way to pack plenty of genres into sets.

Here, Lawrence walks you through how to make a killer mashup.

There’s a lot to consider when making a mashup, including the key and original BPM of each track you use, so it’s worth knowing how to put complementary tracks together to make your mashups and sets stand out!ย 

Lesson 6 (Transitions tutorial) – Low To High BPM Change

Keeping with the theme of multiple genres, one of the most frequent things we get asked about is how to transition between them seamlessly.

Our DJ Transitions Course coversย this extensively, and in this lesson, you will learn how to go from an R&B track into a house track.ย 

Jamie breaks down a killer technique for going from a low BPM to a much higher one. A transition trick that can easily disrupt the flow of your set if not performed correctly.

Watch as he demonstrates the easily made mistakes involved when doing a BPM jump like this and then gives some excellent techniques to follow for pulling off an awesome-sounding energy step-up!

Lesson 7 (Getting Gigs tutorial) – Posting to Mixcloud

Once you feel comfortable on the decks, it’s time to put yourself out there and try getting some gigs.

We’ve all been there and know the most effective ways to get your foot in the door!ย ย 

We’ve dedicated an entire course to doing this called ‘How To Get DJ Gigs.’

One of the quickest ways to get DJ work is by creating and sharing your mixes! No other platform can do this better than Mixcloud!

Mixcloud is a platform where you can upload mixes and is preferred as it has been designed for DJs by DJs.

You can upload mixes without worrying about your mix being removed for copyright. Mixcloud allows you to build a fan base and promote your mixes.

This lesson will show you how to upload a mix to the platform.

Share your mixes with the world.

If you are a professional DJ or a beginner DJ looking to go pro, the Mixcloud Pro account gives you the best chance for career success.

It provides the ultimate platform for DJs to share their talent, build a dedicated following, and turn their passion into a potential revenue stream.

With the Pro account, DJs can take their Mixcloud experience to the next level.

We have partnered with Mixcloud to offer an exclusive 30% off 6 months of Mixcloud Pro membership for the Crossfader community. Use codeย CROSSFADERPRO30ย at checkout.

Redeem offer:ย

Lesson 8 (CDJ Masterclass tutorial) – Moving from controller to CDJ

When you start playing regular gigs, you may find that most venues use Pioneer DJ CDJ equipment. This may pose a problem if you have only used your controller until now.

This lesson will enable you to transition from your controller to a standard club setup seamlessly and comes straight out of our CDJ Masterclass, where we show you how to apply all you’ve learned to the flagship club players.

With complete walk-throughs and tips and tricks for setting up and using the kit, you’ll learn everything you need to know to play confidently on professional decks.

Lesson 9 (Music management tutorial) – Automate your DJ Library

Being a DJ is more than learning to mix and showing up to gigs. It’s a daily grind of tasks. One of those tasks is how you manage your music regularly.

This is undoubtedly one of the most important tasks you will busy yourself with for as long as you’re a DJ!

But there’s help out there to make the process easy and seamless.

Did you know that you can set automation in Rekordbox so that when you download a track, it will automatically get added to various playlists in your DJ library?

In this lesson from our Music Management For DJs course, we show you how to automate library management tasks to free up your time to get on with the fun parts of DJing!ย 

Let us know which lesson you’ve found most useful in the comments below and what you’d love to have seen covered.

Ready to make your DJ dreams a reality?

If you’ve followed these nine lessons, you have the foundation for becoming a DJ and are ready to take your skills to the next level!ย 

We’re here to help you make a real success of your passion for music. It’s what we do and love!

With years of professional DJ experience using everything from turntables and CDJs to controllers, we’ve performed on it all. We know exactly what it takes to build a strong DJ brand and make it in this competitive industry!

Our team understands aspiring DJs’ real-life struggles, and that many people can’t commit to enrolling in classes or music schools to follow their dreams.

And so, alongside teaching specific DJ skills through our beginner and intermediate courses, we’ve put together our insane value, Complete DJ Package!

This is designed to help you achieve guaranteed success as a DJ, fast and affordably!

Whether it’s helping you get to grips with all functions on your first controller or preparing you to DJ in a professional environment, for just an affordable one-off payment, you’ll get access to absolutely ALL our industry-certified DJ courses and content with ongoing, personalised support and feedback from the pros!

We are confident that we can help you get where you need to be; we guarantee you’ll be DJing by the end of the day and mixing your way to professional success within 60 days or your money back!

Follow the link to learn more and start your journey to becoming a confident and successful DJ!


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