How To DJ With Your iPhone – Rekordbox App Tutorial Series


How To DJ With Your iPhone – Rekordbox App Tutorial Series

Free DJ App & Tutorial Videos!

This article contains four tutorial videos to help you get started as a DJ for FREE! In this series, we’re using rekordbox, a free DJ app on iPhone and iPad. (The Android version will be coming soon, apparently)

You can download the Rekordbox app for free from the app store here.

rekordbox mobile

How much does it cost to start DJing?


When you first open the app, it will ask if you want to subscribe. If you do, you can unlock extra features, and it removes a pop-up that appears after you have played five tracks, but you can simply ‘X’ off the initial payment plan for any pop-ups that appear. You will not need a paid subscription to follow the tutorials below.

Where do I get the music to DJ with?

All the music used in the videos can be found for free as sample music in the Soundcloud streaming integration. Soundcloud is a paid subscription partner of Rekordbox. Still, they handily provide a sample selection of music for free so you can follow along and get started without signing up for any third-party streaming service.

Lesson 1 – Your First DJ Mix on an iPhone

Learn some of the basics of the app, such as what the cue and play buttons do, where to transition and how to load music into the decks.

Songs Used In The Lesson (Soundcloud House & Tech House Playlist):
– Alenn & NEOX – Spiral
– Liam Keery – Ignorant

Lesson 2 – The Easiest Way To Mix Between Genres

Not all music is made at the same BPM (beats per minute). This means some songs may be faster or slower than others. DJ software can change a song’s speed (BPM) of a song, but sometimes the songs are too different and therefore sound weird if they are sped up or slowed down drastically. In this case, DJs can use effects to move between genres cleanly and seamlessly. The echo out is the ultimate technique to use in this situation. You can learn how to perform this transition in the tutorial video.

Songs Used In The Lesson:
– Alenn & NEOX – Spiral (House & Tech House Soundcloud Playlist)
– Alec Beretz – The Crash & The Come Up (Hip Hop Soundcloud Playlist)

Lesson 3 – Using Loops, Hot Cues & Effects

DJs can creatively perform with music using looping, hot cues and effects. These combined give you, the DJ, more control over the music, its energy and how you want the crowd to hear the performance. You can play songs from different points, add energy by throwing in some effects or blend easier using looping. This lesson combines performance features to help perform a unique transition between two songs.

Songs Used In The Lesson (Soundcloud Festival & EDM Playlist):
– DJVI – Cosmic Growl
– Ephwurd & XLNT – Set Me Free

Lesson 4 – Using Filters To Mix

Filtering is a common technique DJs use to help blend songs in and out of the mix. Filter controls are found on nearly every DJ mixer, and they’re an integral part of the mixing process for many DJs. In this lesson, you will learn how to use the filter to blend a new song’s vocal into the mix. This is an excellent way of revealing what’s coming next.

Songs Used In The Lesson (House & Tech House Soundcloud Playlist):
– Thvndex – Like That
– NATIIVE – Running Circles

What next?

If you have enjoyed following these DJ lessons and feel confident mixing a few songs on your phone now, consider investing money and buying some equipment. Purchasing a DJ controller such as the Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX4 is a great place to start, as this controller works with the rekordbox app via Bluetooth. So you can take your skills from the phone but start performing with actual buttons and faders, which makes the mixing process much more fun and tactile.

We have a dedicated DJ course for this controller below, which will help you get started and learn all the fundamentals of becoming a confident and creative DJ!

If you want to see how a pro DJ mixes on the DDJ-FLX4, click here!

Or would you like to be mixing by the end of the day and on the path to making your DJ dreams a reality? We can make that happen with our Complete DJ Package

It gives you everything you need for lifelong learning and literally guarantees you success in your DJ journey, or your money back! 

No subscription needed and no yearly tuition fees! 


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