Rekordbox App – DJ on your iPhone or iPad!

Rekordbox mobile app review

Rekordbox App – DJ on your iPhone or iPad!

Rekordbox for iPhone and iPad is here!

Pioneer DJ announce a significant update to their Rekordbox for iOS app, giving full DJ functionality on a mobile device or tablet for free!

With the updated app, beginners can get a feel for Pioneer’s professional workflow from the get-go.

rekordbox for mobile

Rekordbox App – Who’s It For?

Perfect for beginners, the app features an easy-to-navigate interface and introduces users to DJ skills, such as mixing with effects, in an accessible way. 

It offers easy connectivity with Pioneer DJ’s new best-selling entry-level controller, the DDJ-FLX4, taking newbies to the next level when ready.

This major update has been expected since the FLX4 launched last year. One of its key selling features was the upcoming ability to connect to the app for on-the-go DJing!

What to expect with Rekordbox for iOS version 4.0 

  • Start DJing with only your smartphone. Have fun anytime, anywhere, with no need for any subscriptions
  • Can be used with streaming services for ultimate access to music
  • Connect the DDJ-FLX4 or DDJ-200 to reach the next level and get hands-on control of mixing functions

Check out our video review on the new performance features of the Rekordbox app!

Performance Ready App Layout  

The app’s user interface is mobile-friendly, with effectively laid out controls working exceptionally well on devices with a larger screen, like the iPhone XR or bigger. 

Prepare playlists when your device is held in portrait mode. Flip it to landscape and get busy with the virtual decks and mixer. 

Functions such as accessing the crossfader, EQ controls, Sound Colour Effects and Performance Pads all sit behind giant buttons that switch the screen view when pressed.

rekordbox dj app screenshot

The compelling visuals allow beginners to get to grips with the foundations of DJing quickly. 

Track selection, playlist building and playing songs at the right musical time are all emphasised intuitively.

Stream in your beats

Playlists can be streamed straight into the app for those with a valid TIDAL or SoundCloud Go+ subscription. This means the creation, syncing and playback of playlists can all be done from within Rekordbox.

A handy way for new DJs to experience Rekordbox DJing with nearly an unlimited amount of music, all for the cost of a monthly streaming service subscription.

rekordbox app streaming

The perfect pair with FLX4

Pairing with the FLX4 is ideal for beginner DJs who want to progress from DJing with just their iPhone or iPad. 

FLX4 pairs to the Rekordbox app device via USB or Bluetooth. This enables physical control over Rekordbox’s main knobs, faders, dials and pots, not to mention two deck sections with decent jog wheels and tempo adjustment sliders.

Though aimed at beginners, FLX4 is part of many professional DJ riders as it offers solid performance in a small, lightweight package. This app update takes its appeal to new levels. 

Watch Our DJ Performance With This Setup!

Connect to a professional Pioneer DJ setup.

It’s not just beginners who benefit from the updated app. DJs can now connect their iPhones or iPads to the CDJ-3000, XDJ-XZ, or XDJ-RX3 and use the professional hardware to play tracks saved within their Rekordbox app.

Here is a complete list of supported hardware for the app’s different modes:


Here, you must DJ on the app but can play audio through these devices via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth MIDI:

These devices control the virtual decks when the app is in landscape mode, allowing you to fully DJ when the app is connected to the following hardware.

Pro DJ Link:

This turns your iPad or iPhone into a storage device that can stream your music via Cloud Library Sync or play locally stored files. This can be done over Wi-Fi if your hardware is connected to a router via LAN, or wired if you plug your phone directly into the hardware.

cloud library sync rekordbox

Cloud Library Sync

The new Rekordbox app allows ten tracks to wirelessly sync across devices using Pioneer’s Cloud Library Sync, so DJs can have their ten most essential tunes follow them wirelessly across their devices. DJs can have their whole library sync if they upgrade to the Professional or Creative plan of the full desktop version of Rekordbox.

Cloud Library Sync is a Pioneer service allowing DJs to synchronise their music and all of its performance data across different Pioneer devices, including everything from saved Hot Cue points to the BPM and beat grid data of tracks.

All music used within the app will automatically sync with the desktop Rekordbox library, meaning the app can be used as a music preparation tool on the go! The in-app Rekordbox app subscription plans differ from the desktop Rekordbox purchase plans and need to be purchased separately.

rekordbox in app purchasing

In-app subscription

The app is loaded with plenty of functionality. Still, the free mode is clearly targeted at newcomers wanting to learn the foundations of DJing. 

It is similar in functionality to WeDJ, Pioneer’s companion tutorial app for the more basic DDJ-200 controller. However, users of this controller are now likely to switch to the Rekordbox app as it will familiarise them with professional software. 

For DJs ready to step up their game, the in-app subscription upgrade unlocks professional features such as industry-standard effects, essential DJ functions and customisation options.

Additional features

The biggest game changer is that the subscription enables the ability to split audio using a headphone splitter. This is the only way to mix out loud and cue in headphones using just an iPhone or iPad. 

The paid upgrade also gives access to an additional 5 sound colour effects, 8 more beat effects and 2 pages of Pad FX instead of just 1, with the added ability to edit them. 

There’s also beat jump editing, beat loop editing and access to Smart Colour FX and Smart Fader FX, as found on FLX4!

Owners of the FLX4 are in luck as the device hardware unlocks some of the features mentioned above, such as audio splitting and Smart FX. However, there’s still a lot of crucial functionality missing so most seasoned DJs will still likely opt for the paid upgrade. 

Though the DDJ-200 is supported, the DDJ-400, 800 and 1000 will not be. However, other, more fully featured controllers such as the DDJ-FLX6 and FLX10 are hoped to gain support for the app in the future. 

How does it compare against Algoriddim Djay Pro?

The in-app subscription cost is the same as the current leader in the DJ mobile app space, Algoriddim Djay Pro.

At present, Djay offers more performance features, including stems (Neural Mix) and DVS capability. 

However, the Rekordbox app will still appeal to a wider audience as it offers amazing convenience to professional DJs with on-the-go music preparation.

Music preparation via Cloud Library Sync is time-saving as DJs can now set performance data, such as cue points, at any time whilst away from the decks.

Going head-to-head with Djay’s larger selection of performance features, the Rekordbox app offers what is currently Pioneer DJ’s exclusive ability: To give DJs a guaranteed workflow to play professionally in the booths of clubs, festival stages, bars and everything in between. 

Rekordbox on-the-go!

The free version of the Rekordbox app offers an impressive amount of functionality for no cost, meaning everyone can try DJing and get used to Rekordbox easily and for free!

The in-app subscription also competes well against Algoriddim Djay Pro as it offers DJs an opportunity to get truly club-ready with industry-standard effects, modes and views. 

Although performance mode is brand new to the app, it’s incredibly well-rounded and executed. 

Unsurprisingly, it is built around the functionality of the world-leading desktop version of Rekordbox and we’re looking forward to seeing how it evolves from here.

The Android version of the app has been pushed back for quality assurance, though this remains on Pioneer DJ’s roadmap and we hope to see it soon!

We love cloud-connecting playlists for convenience, and the fact that iPhones and iPads now serve as media devices for professional gear is a big plus!

Including professional DJ streaming providers like Beatport and Beatsource would also be a welcome addition for access to specialist music. But for now, there is enough to get beginners into their DJ journey.

The Rekordbox app is available to download free in the App Store now.

Are you ready to perform your first mix on the app?

This video tutorial shares how you can perform your first mix using an iPhone and the Rekordbox DJ app!

To watch another three FREE tutorials on how to mix just using Rekordbox and your iPhone, please sign up here.

Learn how to DJ with Rekordbox

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