Serato Trancifier – How It’s Done

Serato Trancifier

Serato Trancifier – How It’s Done

How to use Serato’s Hidden Auto Loop Easter Egg, The Trancifier!

The trancifier is a hidden feature baked into the code of Serato DJ that has existed since Serato Scratch Live! The trancifier once applied loops a track, halving the loop automatically until only a fine note sound is created. This trick creates incredible build ups and can be combined with other effects for amazing transitions, in this article we show how it’s done!

Step One – Where to activate the trancifier

The trancifier essentially sets a one beat loop that automatically halves every loop. This effect sounds best when applied to break downs, isolated vocals and strong beats.

In the example we use the trancifier on a vocal break down just before a drop, using the effect to transition to another track.

Step Two – Extending the breakdown

As the trancifier starts with a one beat loop before shortening, the vocal break down may need to be extended. Apply an auto loop on the breakdown and allow this to loop a few times before applying the trancifier.

This step isn’t essential but can help the trancifier sound better.

Step Three – Apply The Trancifier

It’s now time to apply the trancifier to start the automatic halving of the loops.

Deck 1 – Option(Mac)/Alt(Windows) + T
Deck 2 – Option(Mac)/Alt(Windows) + G

Step Four – Transition from the Trancifier

Serato’s trancifier sound great up until a point. Unfortunately, the loop halves to a point where there is essentially just a sine wave played. It’s essential that the DJ transitions before the point where a trancifier sounds like a note.

It’s up to the DJ which way to transition out with many options available, in our example we perform a vinyl break. However, back spins, reverbs and echos all sound great too!

Want to learn more Serato DJ skills?

Here are our dedicated Serato DJ courses, perfect for DJ’s of all abilities!

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