Serato Launch Free Live Streaming Extension + Visuals

Serato Live Stream

Serato Launch Free Live Streaming Extension + Visuals

Serato Launch “Now Playing” Live Stream Extension + Free Visual Packs

Serato DJ today announced the launch of their Now Playing Twitch extension alongside their free visual packs. With the pandemic closing clubs the world around, DJ’s are taking to streaming in increasing numbers. Todays extension allows DJ’s using Serato DJ Pro to display their currently playing track on screen. The free visual packs also allow DJ’s to stand out from the crowd with a host of static scenes, virtual DJ booths and graphic loops.

“Now Playing” Twitch Extension

This free extension for Serato DJ Pro users allows users to display the currently playing track straight to their Twitch audience. Complete with configurable graphical settings, this official Twitch extension is easy to set up and doesn’t impact system performance!

The plug in even allows the DJ to play on one computer whilst hosting the steam on an entirely different machine. Ideal for power users!

Serato Twitch Extension

“We also have responded to a common request from both DJs and fans to show which tunes are being played while streaming. Using our Playlist technology, we created a real-time integration with Twitch which DJs can set up easily.” said Scotty Hoogerbrug, Chief Marketing Officer at Serato.

A full guide on how to set up the now playing extension can be found in this guide on Serato’s website. Once set up, this helpful guide allows DJ’s to customise the extension to best suit their stream.

DJ Visuals for streaming

If showing the current playing track wasn’t enough to make your stream stand out. Serato has also included a host of free visual packs to elevate any DJ’s broadcast. Complete with moving, static and visual loops, these amazing free packs can be implemented with green screen set ups or more basic set ups with ease.

“Streaming DJs are responsible for music and the entire visual experience. It’s an exciting new creative challenge, but doing this well is difficult, so we thought we’d help.”

“This meant, all for free, we made a huge range of visuals to make your set look dope. The needs of a DJ are different from your average streamer so our creative team went deep to ensure we’re on point.” 

Serato Live Stream Graphics

With scenes, moving graphics and even virtual DJ booths, there’s a whole host of free graphics to help DJ’s stand out from the crowd. Click here to view and download the free visual packs.

Learn to DJ with Serato DJ

Here are our best suited courses for DJ’s using Serato!


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