Serato add HID Support for Denon SC6000 Players

Serato SC6000 Compatibility

Serato add HID Support for Denon SC6000 Players

Serato DJ Pro Integrates Denon SC6000 & SC6000M Players

Serato today announced official support for Denon’s flagship SC6000 range of players. Classed as Serato official accessories, users can now use their Denon SC6000/M players with Serato DJ Pro. Thanks to the SC6000 built in performance pads, users can use Serato’s hot cues, roll and slicer modes on top of key shifting (Pitch & Time required) and beat jump.

Key Features

  • Full RGB moving waveforms
  • 1:1 Hardware control for decks 1- 4
  • Access Serato DJ Pro Hot Cues, Loops, Roll, Slicer,Sampler,Beat Jump and Pitch Play (Pitch‘N Time DJ license required)
  • Sort library by track, artist, BPM, key or time
  • Extensive onscreen track info: Time, Loop, Beat Jump, Sync, BPM, Pitch Range, Pitch % Adjust
  • Needle-drop track search
  • Certified OSA (Official Serato Accessory–requires compatible audio interface/mixer)

Serato Denon DJ SC6000M

The older SC5000 models have been a Serato Official Accessory for a while and the ability to control all four decks from one player remains. However, for the first time on a stand alone media player, Serato has included moving RGB waveforms on the SC6000 players. Although this is a first for Serato, the SC6000 has featured moving waveforms before thanks to the superb Virtual DJ integration. We are however excited to see if Serato can finally bring the same features to the upcoming Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000, another flagship media player.

Serato Denon DJ SC6000

HID mode requires players to be running V1.6 firmware, Serato DJ Pro V2.4.6 and a compatible sound card/mixer.

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