Serato announce official M1 and Big Sur support

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Serato announce official M1 and Big Sur support

Serato announce DJ Pro V2.5 and DJ Lite V1.5

The wait is over, today Serato announced official support for Apple’s latest operating system and M1 processor. The update to Serato DJ Pro and DJ Lite also brings new hardware announcements with official support for Phase in HID mode and a brand new controller, the Reloop Ready.

Also included in the update is the return of offline storage for streaming services. DJ’s can now save up to 100 tracks from BeatSource or BeatPort link in their library, ready for playback when the internet might not be available. With a fresh design and easier to navigate user panel, this is easily one of the most notable updates to Serato’s DJ software in quite some time! 

Big Sur and M1 Support

Serato is now officially supported for use with Apple’s latest operating system Big Sur. On top of this, Serato has also announced that computers using Apple’s own in house processors, the M1, is also officially supported. Serato has recently come under a lot of criticism for being the last major software brand to support Apples latest operating system. However, despite this update, internal live streaming on M1 machines remains in a beta state. You can learn more about this here.  

Apple is astonishingly confident in its new M1 Mac processors - The Verge

It’s also important to note that some hardware is not yet compatible with this OS support. You can check the status of your DJ hardware before updating here.

Phase Support

Phase is now an Official Serato Accessory. Users benefit from improved accuracy, reduced latency, and new features when connecting Phase through USB with Serato DJ Pro. Serato DJ Pro also provides a wireless (WIR) mode to use Phase to control tracks wirelessly. Using this connection method also means there’s no more need for RCA cables.

Serato Phase

Included in the update are new fail-safe systems to ensure there are no mishaps during your set. These include a remote battery level indicator inside Serato DJ Pro, an internal emergency switch that changes the deck mode from WIR to INT when the battery reaches 5%. 

Offline locker for Beatsource LINK and Beatport LINK

DJs can now store up to 100 tracks from Beatport or BeatSource locally to access and play without an internet connection.


Note: A LINK Pro or LINK Pro+ plan is required for this option to be enabled.

Easier live streaming for DJ Lite

Quickly connect Serato DJ Lite to your broadcasting software by enabling “make audio available to other applications” in the setup menu. Learn how to use this feature in our dedicated guide below.

Reloop Ready Support

Announced alongside the launch of Serato DJ Lite V1.5 is the new Reloop Ready. A small, portable entry-level controller designed to sit on 13″ laptops. We are yet to receive the Reloop Ready, but you can expect a full review and guide in the coming weeks! 

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  1. Sam Stratigeas

    While M1 is supported, Serato does not run native on M1 and requires rosetta. It’s been over a year and a half since the M1 was announced and more than a year since it was officially launched. I have a Macbook Pro with an M1 Max. Song analysis is super slow compared to intel mac and with the extra processing power needed, streaming is sluggish… especially with non-native OBS. Virtual DJ is already native on M1, launches in an instant. Both pieces of software are very old (VDJ got a revamp with 8 but more than 5 yrs ago). With the Mac as the dominant platform for DJ-ing you would think Serato and Rekordbox would be on board with making it work… eventually Rosetta will be gone. Part of my reason for getting such a powerhouse computer was to make streaming smooth and less glitchy… only doable now with VDJ. Kudos to Virtual DJ engineers for making M1 Native compatibility a priority.

  2. David Diaz

    serato dj is cool i used virtual dj and loved it but when i was introduced to serato i understand a different approach to djing


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