RANE PERFORMER – The Ultimate Controller for Open Format DJs

Rane Performer

RANE PERFORMER – The Ultimate Controller for Open Format DJs

RANE have put a creative spin on mixing with stems by unveiling PERFORMER, the world’s first motorised four-channel battle controller!

Rewind to December 2022, we reviewed the RANE FOUR, and discovered a totally new category of open-format device designed to introduce the world to Serato Stems.

This controller was the first true alternative to Pioneer DJ’s recent release of DDJ REV battle controllers and remains the only flagship to combine four-channel club mixing with a battle style. 

PERFORMER ramps things up by adding motorised brushed-aluminium platters with central jog displays, just like the open-format champion, DDJ-REV7. DJs can expect all of the same killer performance features, but now with the unrivalled feel of motorised vinyl! 

Think RANE ONE meets RANE FOUR, via REV7!

Here, we explore PERFORMER’s exciting new features and discover how this controller is set to change the open-format scene.

And for a full Crossfader walkthrough of of RANE PERFORMER check out our review video!


The RANE FOUR With more!

PERFORMER is a fully comprehensive flagship controller capable of handling virtually anything a creative battle DJ could dream up. 

With easy access to Stems splitting and mixing features, PERFORMER inherits this key feature from the FOUR, so will also become known for its unique ability to quickly throw acapellas and instrumentals across the channels. 

But its creative abilities extend so much further! 

RANE are synonymous for their industrial design and build-to-last philosophy and PERFORMER is no exception.

It’s exclusively a Serato controller and unlocks the DJ Pro software, so DJs don’t need to pay a monthly subscription; a cost-saving measure worth considering when choosing a controller.  

PERFORMER is RANE’s third controller to hit the market and has been eagerly anticipated since RANE FOUR dropped in late 2022. 

Like the FOUR, it’s a robust device designed with open-format DJs in mind, comprising two ‘turntable-style’ deck sections with comprehensive performance features such as tempo adjustment, performance pads and Stems controls

And in the middle of the decks is a unique four channel mixer incorporating elements of both club and battle style mixers making PERFORMER the ultimate controller for creative DJs.

Cost: £1,999; $1,999; €2,299


  • 7” High torque die-cast aluminium platters with acrylic discs that respond like vinyl for an authentic turntable feel.
  • 3.5″ in-platter displays allow DJs to see multiple waveform and library views. They also support Day Mode which optimises the displays for bright environments.
  • STEMS SPLIT button instantly divides a track into an instrumental and acapella and places them onto their own channels giving DJs the perfect set up for remixing on the fly.
  • STEMS Level Control means Stem levels can be adjusted using the EQ knobs for even more precise fine-tuning of sound.
  • ACAPELLA and INSTRUMENTAL buttons to instantly transform a track without splitting it across two channels, so DJs can create an instrumental or acapella without being in the Stems pad mode.
  • 25 customisable hardware effects with 6 dedicated effects buttons for quick access, plus an additional 4 knob-controlled sweep effects bringing the total number available up to 29. Combining effects is as easy as it is on club gear! 
  • Combination Performance Pad Modes allow two Pad Modes per deck to work at the same time, giving DJs creative freedom to play with two at once.
  • Mini OLED screens beneath the Performance Pad Mode buttons display crucial data about the mode or modes in play.

How is PERFORMER different from RANE FOUR?

Comparing PERFORMER to FOUR is inevitable as they share so much DNA. In fact, they’re basically the same device apart from the decks and some minor aesthetic differences.

Although RANE FOUR was very well received and is regarded by many as the gold standard for Serato Stems mixing, it gets one consistent criticism. It could really do with spinning platters! 

PERFORMER sets this right by going one better and not only including motorised platters but also adding a central screen into each jog to make four-deck mixing easy to keep on top of!

However, the drawback to adding in a pair of high torque motors is a significant bump up in PERFORMER’s weight. From 8.28 KG to a whopping 12.8 KG!

PERFORMER’s Motorised Decks

The 7” high-torque brushed aluminium platters offer a similar response and feel to those found on RANE ONE.

Much like the ONE, traditional turntablist DJs should find that PERFORMER does a great job of replicating the feel of DJing with real 7” vinyl.

Included are some vinyl marker stickers allowing DJs to opt for on-screen or physical cue indicators. 

This comes down to personal preference, but a lot of old-school DJs will likely opt for stickers in-keeping with their roots.

Others may prefer the convenience of the digital marker whilst still appreciating the benefits of having motorised platters. 

12 and 2 o’clock are also marked onto the top plate for sticker DJs to line up their cue markers. 

In-platter 3.5” screens 

The crisp and bright 3.5” central platter displays are bigger than, and do more than, the 2” screens found in the jogs of the FOUR. 

They now offer several waveform views, including both moving and static waveforms, instead of a simple overview for needle search, and have a Daytime Mode which inverts the colours to make viewing the screen easier in bright conditions.

The best Serato Stems DJ device

The star feature shared with FOUR is PERFORMER’s excellent control of Serato Stems

Stems gave DJs the game-changing ability to separate a track into four components: vocals, drums, basslines, and melodies, or simply acapellas and instrumentals, which is how most DJs split their tracks.

What gives PERFORMER the edge with this killer tool, as with FOUR before it, is its ability to split a track into vocal and instrumental stems and automatically throw them onto two separate channels. 

From here, the DJ can mix a track across two decks and channels, giving them ultimate control to sculpt the sound and even scratch a vocal while a beat continues to play, for example. 

This powerful and simple way of DJing with Stems is yet to be replicated, let alone beaten, by competitor devices.

This method also makes applying effects to a certain part of a track a breeze. No need for the effect part select buttons, as found on some recent Pioneer DJ kit.

Using STEM-SPLIT in Performer

To further enhance PERFORMER’s control of stems are the awesome Stem Split buttons which group the channels into 2 sets of 2. 

Channels 1 and 3 and channels 2 and 4 are grouped together. Control of instrumentals and acapellas go to upfaders that are next to each other and are closest to their corresponding decks.

This makes working with stems easy to understand and visualise, as the results are consistent and logical. 

Pictures of either a microphone or a keyboard are printed below each upfader to indicate which stem that fader will control when the Stems Split feature is activated.

Performance Pads and Their Mini OLED Screens

Underneath each deck are 8 performance pads with 8 modes. 

Each Performance Pad Mode button now has a mini OLED screen beneath it, which displays data about the engaged mode. 

This can be anything from the title of a track in the Scratch Bank to a Loop Roll’s beat length, helping DJs stay on top of what’s going on with their performance pads without the need to glance at their laptop screen.

Performance Pad Mode Combination

Two performance pad modes can be engaged at the same time per deck; The top row of pads controls the first mode, and the bottom row controls the second. 

This is great for tailoring the modes to suit your style of mixing, especially if you find using only four pads at a time is all you need.

Battle Mixer with Built-In Effects

This new flagship includes 25 hardware effects. Most were inherited from the FOUR, but some were purpose-built for PERFORMER.

Each effect has full customisability, and 6 are quickly accessed with dedicated FX SELECT buttons sitting above the effect levers. 

The buttons all have a default effect printed to them, but the effects are quick and easy to change.

The effects levers are high quality and are typical on battle mixers as they provide a quick and convenient way to apply effects to a track in the heat of a routine.

Effect parameters are displayed on a crisp and clear mini OLED screen sitting dead centre of the mixer.

Each channel has 4 additional pot-sweepable effects to combine with the main 25. These are activated by the CHANNEL FX pots that sit below the three-band EQ. 

The practice of combining effects has been standard on club mixers for nearly two decades, but isn’t common practice on battle mixers. PERFORMER stands out breaking impressive new ground as a hybrid between the two.

MAG-FOUR crossfader

The included crossfader is the battle-worthy, tension-adjustable MAG-FOUR, also found in the turntablists’ favourite, RANE ONE and FOUR controllers! 

However, on PERFORMER the tension adjustment is fine-tuned with an external dial sitting on the front of the unit, so there’s no need to open the device up with a screwdriver to adjust it! 

Contour controls are also found on the front panel of the unit but cut-in time is still set by software accessed within a menu on the controller’s central MAIN FX OLED screen. 

Perhaps the reason is that most open-formatters leave it on the sharpest setting, which is required to perform most scratching techniques.

The controller has line-level and phono input connections, so can be used as a stand-alone mixer for turntables and multi-media players like CDJs. 

All of the built-in effects can be applied to plugged-in sources. Great for DJs who want the ability to expand their set-ups.


In line with other professional controllers, PERFORMER plugs into most sound systems with a solid I/O, but continues to use USB-B for connecting to computers, rather than USB-C which is now the norm.

PERFORMER includes 2x Headphone TRS jacks, a 1/4″ and a 3.5 mm and features a split cue switch which allows DJs to monitor both the master feed and cue feeds in separate ears. 

There are also 2x combination TRS/ XLR microphone jacks. MIC 1 has two-band EQ, and dedicated echo control pots on the top of the unit. MIC 2 has two-band EQ pots, but no echo, on the front of the unit. 

2x line/ phono switchable RCA sockets allow external sources to plug into channels 3 and 4. 

The Master out feed is on both XLR and RCA, so it hooks into professional and domestic sound systems with ease.

The feeds are both switchable between stereo and mono should there be issues with the stereo sound

The TRS Booth out feed is excellent for a professional monitoring system and 2x USB-B sockets are available to plug laptops in for DJ switch overs.

The device is powered with an ultra convenient IEC connector for AC power. This is a universally sourceable and detachable cable.

Is PERFORMER the best DJ controller?

RANE FOUR was the perfect launch partner for Serato DJ 3.0. It ticked so many boxes and remains undisputed for mixing with Stems. PERFORMER perfects this formula, giving open-format DJs a true vinyl experience whilst accessing all the goodness introduced with FOUR!

PERFORMER takes the best elements of club gear and mixes it with the best of battle gear. This means DJs get a controller with a four channel mixer that includes sweep effects, but also has a killer crossfader section and quick-fire toggle effects.

It has spinning platters but retains performance pads sitting below the decks rather than being pushed up above the upfaders of the mixer as with other battle controllers, so both club and battle DJs should feel right at home.

But with PERFORMER costing $1,999, it’s great that the significantly affordable FOUR remains a current offering from RANE, even though it is missing the motorised platters.

This means DJs now have a choice between the platters or a more affordable static jog wheel unit, plus FOUR has the added benefit of being lighter as well.

If your budget allows for it, PERFORMER is absolutely a worthwhile investment! RANE are known for producing long-lasting quality so this device will see any DJ well into the future. 

It has a brilliant grip on all of Serato’s latest features, with Stems in particular, and will work well in any professional environment. 

Whether that be at a festival, club, bar or wedding, PERFORMER lives up to its name, easily allowing controller DJs to get more creative than ever before!

Watch DJ Blakey’s awesome performance mix and see the RANE PERFORMER in action!

Perform your best DJ sets ever!

If the RANE PERFORMER has inspired you to get creative with your DJing, we can help you level up your DJ skills like never before with our industry-certified Open Format, Scratching and Hip Hop Mixing DJ Courses suitable for DJs of all levels.





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