Pioneer DJ Release DDJ-FLX6-GT

pioneer ddj flx6 gt release

Pioneer DJ Release DDJ-FLX6-GT

With the recent launch of Pioneer DJ’s sleek DDJ-FLX4 causing a sensation throughout the DJ industry, the DDJ-FLX6 from late 2020 has now been given a fresh lease of life with expanded DJ performance software compatibility, upgraded hardware and a colour respray!

The FLX family have taken over from the mega-successful DDJ-400 and DDJ-200 as rekordbox’s entry-level controllers.

Pioneer DDJ FLX6 GT

New features

  • Support for Traktor Pro 3 and VirtualDJ. This exciting revision means users can mix with a wider range of performance software.
  • Bright new graphite grey colour rather than the original off-black. More in keeping with the grey of the FLX4, though a few shades lighter. 
  • Upgraded jog wheels with a premium brushed metal texture to the top plates and the ring linings are now rubber rather than plastic, improving durability.

Owners of current black or white FLX6 models will also be able to use the expanded range of DJ performance software via a firmware update.

Pioneer DDJ-FLX6 jog wheel

The new unit is officially named the DDJ-FLX6 GT but drops the GT on its face plate, so will simply be known as the FLX6.

The original FLX6 was an interesting offering for beginners playing at home who wanted a bit more to work with than the expected 2 channels and basic mixer combination that most newbie controllers offer.

ddj flx6 compatibility

Original features

These components are the highlights of the original FLX6 and have carried over into the updated unit: 

  • 4 channel mixer sandwiched between 2 dual decks means 4 tracks in the mix! 
  • MERGE FX with 2 giant pots on either side of the unit giving quick access to multi-layered effects that help with transitioning from one genre to another – the feature that unites the FLX range.
  • Full-size jog wheels give a real feel for mixing with flagship CDJs.
  • 8 performance pads per deck with 8 modes to choose from, including Scratch Bank which has proven valuable for DJs who cut using both rekordbox and Serato.

With this facelift, the FLX6 is brought to forefront of the marketplace alongside the FLX4 and allows users to get the most of rekordbox’s performance features. Serato DJ implementation remains a little underwhelming but is a useful addition. 

The additional DJ software compatibility boosts the FLX6’s mass appeal as new DJs can now try 4 major performance platforms offering different workflow options.  

As the only 4-channel controller offering the Pioneer DJ experience for well under £1,000, the FLX6 is in a strong position as a mid-tier domestic device for rekordbox. Its new features and flare give it relevance alongside the FLX4, cementing the series as a slick-looking starting point for the climb to club-standard gear.

The DDJ-FLX6 GT is available now for £569 / $649

See it in action!

Watch our performance on this controller below to see it in action!

Learn how to DJ with the Pioneer DDJ-FLX6 and FLX6-GT

Our Rekordbox, Serato & Traktor courses are all applicable to this controller.


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  1. Michael nganga

    How much is dj ddj 400

    • Jamie Hartley

      It depends on where you are in the world, however it retails for around £250 here in the UK. However, it’s discontinued now so the replacement is the DDJ-FLX4 at around £279.


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