Phase announce Serato Accessory Partnership

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Phase announce Serato Accessory Partnership

Leave the RCA’s at home, Serato and Phase have officially collaborated!

Amongst all the product releases that are coming thick and fast during this weekends NAMM trade show, we certainly didn’t expect to be writing about a simple software update. However, this update comes from one of the highlights of the NAMM show in the recent years. Phase, the world’s first wireless DVS solution.

As many people will know, Phase didn’t launch smoothly. With major delays on the release units and then software bugs and glitches on those units, it’s been somewhat of a rocky start. However, credit to the team at Phase, they have been hard at work releasing software updates to fix these issues. One of the suggestions many people had for Phase was to use the Serato Noise Map technology. Essentially allowing the DVS signal to lock on, resulting in better latency and less flutter.

However, today’s announcement has gone one step further. Full official Serato accessory support with a new partnership between the new companies announced.

So what does this mean for Phase users?

Well acting as a HID device, Phase will no longer need RCA cables plugged in to feed control signal into a Serato mixer or soundcard. Taking the controllers movements digitally through the Phase hubs USB. Serato will respond quicker and more accurately than ever before. Not only will this mean quicker set up times, it also allows DJ’s to not worry about forgetting RCA cables or having to use broken ones.

On top of this Phase are announcing “a new Phase experience” with “access new features directly on Serato DJ Pro. Features will include special settings, customization and more”. We imagine Phase users will soon be able to tweak the settings of their remotes directly within Serato rather than using the Phase application. Who knows maybe the remotes LEDs will flash to indicate a track ending, or change colours depending on the next hot cue coming up!

The release date sadly isn’t announced just as of yet but you can sign up on the Phase Serato landing page for further updates, you can visit the page by clicking here. We’re super excited to see the partnership in action and look forward to future updates. The needleless DVS dream just became so much better!


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