How DJs Prepare A Routine

12 Jun 2019 | Free DJ Lessons | 3 comments

Every week we upload a new mix to our YouTube channel. These mixes are designed to inspire your next DJ set with various skills and transitions showcased in each. In this video you can come behind the scenes in the Crossfader studio as Jamie puts together a mix using the Pioneer DDJ 400 and Rekordbox! He starts with a playlist of songs but has no order, cue points or anything planned. Watch and learn about the thinking behind planning a DJ routine like this!

Planning the mix…



The Final Mix

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  1. martin.beinhart

    Thank you for showing the whole process of preperation. There is a lot of valuable information in this video.

  2. Josh Kilpatrick

    This post was amazing! Thank you for sharing the creative process. This was probably the most helpful post for me because it showed me that I’m on track. The process is similar to what felt natural to me as I prepared, but I always felt like it was taking me too long. My other DJ friends would say I needed to freestyle more and not pre-prepare my mixes; so, I was feeling a little “inadequate” about my preparation flow.

    Question: When you use the “key sync” approach for two tracks that won’t mix in key, I assume, you will sync the incoming track to the key of the outgoing track, but then do you ever return the new track to its correct key? I assume not; so, does that mean the next track you mix in also needs to mix in key with the key of the track that was two tracks back?

  3. neildownunder1

    Thanks so much for doing this video Jamie! That was just what I needed to help me start putting together more interesting sets.

    I’m just wondering how you remember the structure and all the different techniques that you’ve planned to utilize when it comes time to actually play a set like this to an audience? Is it simply a matter of practicing over and over again till you know the mix like the back of your hand, or are there other things you do to make sure you nail it?


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