Getting Started With The DDJ-1000

DDJ-1000 Guide

Getting Started With The DDJ-1000

DDJ 1000 Beginners Guide

The Pioneer DJ DDJ 1000 is a superb controller for those wanting to level up their DJ setup to a professional setup. Compatible with Rekordbox, this controller can be used on a computer on Mac or Windows. In this DDJ 1000 guide, we are going to show you how to set up the DDJ 1000 on both platforms, getting you mixing as soon as possible!

ddj-1000 guide

How to set up the DDJ 1000

Connecting headphones and speakers to the DDJ 1000

The DDJ-1000 features professional audio connections. Headphones connect to the front of the controller using either a smaller 1/8th TRS connection or the larger 1/4inch.

The main speakers connect to either the balanced XLR or unbalanced RCA line-level outputs on the rear, both labelled master. An additional pair of speakers for the booth can be connected to the booth outputs. These connect using TRS jack cables.

pioneer ddj 1000 guide

Finally, microphones can be connected to the two microphone inputs. Mic one features an XLR/TRS combo balanced input and Mic Two features a single TRS connection. 

Setting up the DDJ 1000 on a computer with Rekordbox

Before connecting the DDJ 1000, ensure you have the latest version of Rekordbox installed on your computer, available here.

  • Connect speakers, power and headphones to DDJ-1000
  • Then Launch Rekordbox
  • Finally, connect DDJ-1000 to the laptop using supplied USB cable. Either USB port will work but we recommend using USB A.

For further Windows audio settings help, check out this helpful guide to help with audio not coming from either the computer or controller.

Using computer speakers with the DDJ-1000

Rekordbox DJ allows users to use the default computer speakers rather than speakers connected to the DDJ 1000. This can be especially useful if the DJ doesn’t own a pair of speakers, or when on the move. To use the computer’s speakers alongside the DDJ-1000 connected speakers, click the icon in the top right corner of Rekordbox next to settings.


If your speakers don’t output audio, please check this helpful guide from Pioneer DJ and scroll down section 5.

Getting started with Rekordbox DJ

In this video, founder and tutor Jamie Hartley explains how to get started with Rekordbox DJ. Learn how to get started importing and managing your music library!  To learn more about using Rekordbox, read our beginners guide found here!

FREE DJ MUSIC PACK & More DDJ-1000 Tutorials

At the start of your journey as a DJ, one of the main things you will need is music! That’s why we have created a music pack specifically for DJs with extended edits of songs perfect for practising with. The music is exclusive, and better yet it’s free to download and mix with on your DDJ-1000.

Free DJ Music

Learn to DJ with the DDJ-1000

Learn to DJ with our dedicated industry-certified courses!

And if you are serious about making it as a DJ, consider fast-tracking your way with our amazing valuComplete DJ Package!


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  1. Tom

    Does the ddj 1000 have the professional rekordbox plan?

    • Holland

      The DDJ-1000 unlocks performance mode control, recording, sharing mix, Midi Learn, Merge Fx1 & Sample Scratch in Rekordbox 6


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