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Think and perform like a professional DJ. Learn how to mix the same as your favourite artists, generate ideas and go inside the mix with detailed breakdowns.

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DJ Tutorials

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You will learn specific DJ techniques and transitions in this area of the DJ Hub. Whether that’s how to transition, use acapellas creatively or mix particular genres, you can find it all in this area. It’s a place to get hands-on and apply what you learn directly to your own DJ sets!

Genre Specific:
Are you a die-hard Techno fan? Do you just love Drum & Bass, or maybe Hardstyle is your thing! Master specific mixing styles that work best for particular genres. As it’s ever-evolving, you can suggest genres for the team to cover too through our community areas!

As a DJ, you will start to build up a bank of knowledge around how to transition between two songs. The beauty of DJ equipment today is that we can use so many features during the mixing process, from hot cues to looping, effects to keyboard and pitch play modes. This area focuses on specific techniques and ways to transition, so you’re never short of creative ideas when mixing and blending between songs.

Some DJs love to get creative with acapellas, perform mash-ups, and combine music elements to create unique edits. Learning how to get creative with acapellas can unlock a whole new level of creativity. Mixing acapella’s can go way beyond just layering a vocal over an instrumental. Find out just how essential acapellas can be in helping you stand out as a DJ in this section of the DJ hub! Don’t worry; we will show you where to source acapellas and even learn to make your own!

Sample Switch Up:
Sampling is the art of repurposing music in a new creative way. Did you know Avicii’s Level’s vocal is an Etta James song from 1962? Or that Kanye West has so far used 2596 samples from other songs in his music. Sampling can provide DJs with unlimited creative opportunities to educate their audiences, have fun with music and discover how music develops through the years! This section doesn’t just break down the samples used between songs but incorporate the sample switch up practically into an actual DJ set.

If you ever dream of winning DJ battles such as the Red Bull Thre3style competition or Goldie Awards pioneered by A-Trak, you need to understand wordplay. Just think, how many songs do you know right now that has the word ‘Love’ or ‘Baby’ in them? These words provide opportunities for DJs to create a link between those songs in multiple creative ways. The team delivers new wordplay ideas monthly for you to copy and learn from and inspire you to come up with your own.
Have you ever wondered what your favourite DJs were doing behind the decks or what goes into planning a club set or competition winning DJ routine? In this area, we share secrets from behind the booth breaking down DJ’s sets, our mix videos and viral mini mixes for social media.

Annotated Mixes:
These are easy to follow mixes with pop up annotations explaining what our team are doing when performing a mix. There are various genres, equipment and styles of mixing covered. These mixes are easy to watch and read on the go, aimed at showing you what happens during a mix.

How I Mix:
In this breakdown series, the Crossfader team watches their performances and mixes to break down the thinking behind them as it happens. It’s an inside look into what is happening during a mix and what the DJ is thinking. The team will highlight any key takeaways and points to think about so you can apply similar techniques to your next mix or performance.

Behind The Mix:
A big part of mixing and performing as a DJ is knowing how to plan your mix. Understanding what techniques to use when and where to transition is vital. You need to understand how mixing for a large audience in a club is different from performing a mini-set on a live stream or recording a mix to promote yourself on YouTube or Instagram. In this section, we go behind the mix to dive deep into the planning and thinking behind these different scenario’s. These are longer-form tutorials that go deep into mapping out your sets and mixes and performing intricate performance-based techniques that can help you stand out as a DJ.

Artist Mini Mixes:
The mini-mix is a short-form video aimed at engaging your audience on social media. It’s an opportunity to show off some skills quickly whilst also providing a simple video that fans can digest! In this series, Lawrence James shows you how he creates DJ tools to perform artist mini mixes. Do you want to learn how to play 8+ songs from your favourite artist in under 60 seconds? Master the art of the mini mix in this section of the DJ Hub.

How To Mix Like:
Have you always wanted to mix like your favourite DJ? Do you wonder what it is they do to stand out whilst performing? Whether it’s technical skills or their approach to the set, we break down individual DJ techniques. Learn to DJ like Jazzy Jeff or DJ Snake. Master set curation and audience engagement like Carl Cox or Honey Dijon.
The discussion section is a place for monthly DJ challenges, a weekly discussion and community posts. It’s your area to get involved with the conversation. Talk to our team and other members in discussions, take on the monthly DJ challenge and learn tips and tricks from pro DJs.

It’s your time to shine! Each month we provide two songs to get experimental with and create your unique transition. Film yourself, upload to your socials and tag us. We will pick our favourites to share with our audience of over 120k Instagram followers. It’s a great way of engaging with other DJs worldwide and getting inspired by the community, as everyone will mix the same two tracks in totally different ways!

Each week we will add a new discussion topic. Learn from the community through engaging conversations and insights. Share your favourite music of the month with the community, tell us your thoughts on the latest products and join the conversation set out by our team each week!

Career Advice:
Do you want to turn your hobby into a career? In this section, we share our combined knowledge from over 50+ years in the DJ industry. The team has worked as resident DJs, party and event DJs, radio DJs, guest DJs, and everything in between. We all learnt on the job, worked out how to promote ourselves, create lasting impressions and turn our hobbies into a full-time career. It’s now time to pass all this onto you so you can fast track your way to success!
In this area, we will help you grow your social media following and create professional content that grabs the attention of the right people. Learn how our team of DJs built a career through social media, managing advertising, avoiding copyright, and editing videos with pro audio!

0-100,000 followers in a few months! Find out how we grew our TikTok using trend based video’s and creative viral campaigns to grow your TikTok following in a fast and effective way.

The platform every DJ needs to keep up to date and use. Learn how to grow your following and use Instagram effectively as a DJ. It’s part of your portfolio and could be the difference between you getting gigs or being overlooked!

Promote Yourself:
In this section, we dive deeper into how to promote yourself as a DJ on social media. It’s a powerful tool and if used well can create an abundance of opportunities. Most gig requests and bookings will now come through social media rather than email. Learn how to maximise your reach and boost your engagement with both organic content and paid advertising.

Video Editing:
Having content to promote yourself online and create a social presence is essential to become a successful DJ. You must learn how to create professional-looking DJ videos to share with your audience. In this series, you will learn from our very own video editor how to make pro DJ videos using free software!
Get to know your equipment and software inside out! Learn essential hacks, tips and tricks to manage your music better or modify your equipment. Make better purchasing decisions with DJ equipment guides and laptop buying guides!

CDJ Masterclass:
So you’re confident mixing in your bedroom, and you know how to use your equipment inside out, but then you get your first club gig. You’ve never touched a set of CDJ’s or a real mixer before, and now you’re worried! You want to make sure all that hard practice pays off, but how do you connect to CDJs? What does that setting mean, and what if the equipment isn't connected? Arming yourself with as much knowledge of Pioneer CDJ’s and DJM mixers is vital to keeping calm and impressing during those first few gigs.

This area of the DJ Hub features the most comprehensive and up to date information on the latest pro club DJ gear. With a complete walkthrough of CDJ-3000’s, how to connect controllers to club mixers and how to set up using various methods such as HID mode, exporting to USB or using DVS mode, plus a whole lot more. I guarantee even the most seasoned DJs will learn some new tips and hidden features in this area!

Midi Mapping:
Do you own an entry-level controller but want to be able to control more advanced features? Maybe you have an old midi keyboard lying about and want to add this to your DJ setup. With the power of midi mapping, we will show you how to maximise your old gear, add new exciting features to your equipment and make your controller unique to you and your mixing style. Put the features you want right at your fingertips!

Music Library:
Keeping on top of your music library can be tricky. Do you have files all over your laptop and multiple hard drives? Are you unsure how to categorise your music? Should you make playlists of genres, BPM’s or energy levels? Did you know you can automate your library management? Do you have a backup of your music? We answer all this and more in the music library section of the DJ Hub!

Hardware Guides:
Not sure what piece of DJ gear to upgrade to next? In the hardware guides section, we’re constantly adding the latest products and sharing the pro’s and con’s of each and the essential information you should know to help you make informed decisions about the DJ products you may want to own.

There are some technical things that all DJ’s should know, such as what different cables are and what they do, how to export your library to a USB drive or how to properly grid your music. This section’s dedicated to the basic technical details on software/hardware and equipment.

Tech Hacks:
With every new DJ product, comes a new cutting edge features for DJs to master. We’re always looking for new ways to use these advancements in equipment and technology, so you can make the most of them too. Some of the features could be hidden away deep in settings waiting to be unleashed but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our tech hacks area.

Maybe you have run into some technical issues with your setup, or you’re unsure why something isn’t connecting? This area is an ever-evolving source of information with helpful troubleshooting articles and problem fixes for our users.
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What’s the difference between DJ Courses and The DJ Hub?

Our DJ courses offer an A-Z of DJing in a chronological format, perfect for any beginner DJs just getting started with their equipment. They will help you create a good foundation before moving into The DJ Hub, full of creative and advanced tips and tricks!

The DJ Hub is for DJ’s who already know how to mix and understand their equipment well, such as what hot cues, loops and effects are. We encourage DJs to learn this first before subscribing to The DJ Hub. If you want to view our DJ courses, just click here.

How often do you add new lessons and content to The DJ Hub?

New content gets added to The DJ Hub every week. For example, DJ Tutorials, Mix Breakdowns & Discussions will all be updated every few days. Tech & Social Media sections will be updated monthly.

Will I get direct access to tutors?

If you have any questions whilst learning with Crossfader, each lesson has its own comments section so you can ask any questions you have to the tutors and extended community.

Our exclusive Facebook group is also a place to directly network with other DJs in the community and our team members.

Is The DJ Hub suitable for beginners?

The DJ Hub is for DJ’s who already know how to mix and use their equipment. It’s designed to help you unlock your creativity and provide support from our team and extended community. The DJ Hub is not for beginners who need to learn what the buttons do on their equipment; we have dedicated DJ courses perfect for you if you’re just starting!

What plans do you offer?

We have monthly and annual plans. Please note that your currency will be automatically applied at checkout. If you do not use one of the currencies below it will automatically check out in USD or GBP depending on your location.

GBP – £14.99
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(save 25% compared to monthly plans)
GBP – £134.99
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EUR – €161.99
NZD – $269.99
AUD – $269.99
INR – ₹14,400.00
CAD – $242.99

What equipment is in the lessons?

We film all content on a wide range of hardware and software. We aim to provide education that applies to as many users as possible. Some lessons are also specific to individual software. All the lessons are tagged so you can easily filter to suit your setup or style. For example, you could filter all the lessons down to just Rekordbox and Hip Hop music. Alternatively, you can use the search bar to find specific lessons. Currently the main software we cover are: Rekordbox, Serato, Denon DJ & Traktor.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership anytime from the payments tab in your account. You don’t have to email us or request a cancellation like other services. We put the power to control your subscription in your hands. After confirming the cancellation, you will have access to the DJ Hub until the end of your current billing cycle. (For example, if you paid for a yearly subscription on 4th November 2021 and cancelled it on 20th June 2022, you would still have access to the DJ Hub until 3rd November 2022)

Do I need an iPhone to access the DJ Hub?

No, the DJ Hub is available across all devices. You can access the DJ Hub via any web, tablet or mobile browser. We also have a dedicated iOS app so if you do have an iPhone you can download our app to watch all the lessons inside. There will be a dedicated android app coming at a later date.

Can I learn even if I don’t have any DJ equipment yet?

You can always sign up to The DJ Hub and soak up all the information even if you don’t have the equipment; however, we would suggest you use our reviews section to help you decide what equipment to purchase to get started.

Can I subscribe to the DJ Hub in my currency?

The DJ Hub subscription is available in the following currencies and prices. These prices and currencies are automatically applied at checkout based on your location. If you’re located outside one of these areas then the cloest currency will be applied. 

GBP – £14.99
USD – $19.99
EUR – €17.99
NZD – $29.99
AUD – $29.99
INR – ₹1600.00
CAD – $26.99

(save 25% compared to monthly plans)
GBP – £134.99
USD – $179.99
EUR – €161.99
NZD – $269.99
AUD – $269.99
INR – ₹14,400.00
CAD – $242.99

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major card providers such as Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, AMEX. You can also subscribe with PayPal as your payment provider.

Will I learn how to make music in The DJ Hub?

We focus on DJ education in The DJ Hub. Currently, we don’t offer music production lessons. If your main goal is to produce music using software such as Ableton/Fruity Loops/Logic, we recommend looking at producer-specific schools.

How do I change my payment method?

If you change your account details or get a new payment card, you can easily update your payment details on the payments page inside your account. You can also switch from card payment to PayPal and vice versa.