DJ with EQs and Effects in Algoriddim djay pro

Learn To DJ on iPad

DJ with EQs and Effects in Algoriddim djay pro

Enhance Your DJ Set – How To Perform Clean Mixes with EQs & Effects

First of all, if you missed the first three videos in this series, click here to check them out now. There you will learn how to get started with djay pro, connect your speakers and perform your first mix. Now it’s time to look at some of the more advanced elements of Algoriddim djay Pro, the effects and EQ section! Mastering the use of EQs and effects can help create varied and dynamic transitions, which will make your mix stand out from the crowd!

EQ Mixing Tutorial

So you’re ready to keep learning everything there is to know about DJing on an iPad. Why not check out this article and video where you will learn how to midi map unique features in djay to any piece of DJ equipment. Maybe you have just got your first controller but wonder how to still use that awesome stems feature? Now you can with our MIDI mapping tutorial!

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  1. Serge

    i’d really like to continue this course on this exact software (albeit latest ‘AI’ version) .. is it possible?

    • Holland

      Hey! Yes, the new version isn’t too dissimilar to the original so you should be fine!

      • Nicholas

        Hi i never DJed before i am looking to buy the ddj 200 what software is best to use and where can i get free music(i already got your pack)i just want to see if i realy like DJing

        • Holland

          Which software is best depends on which device you intend to use the DDJ-200 with. We think Djay is the best on iPhone/iPad and Rekordbox is best on laptop!


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