MIDI Mapping Algoriddim Djay (Neural Mix)


MIDI Mapping Algoriddim Djay (Neural Mix)

Map Neural Mix to your DJ Controller to fully control on the fly stems!

Algoriddim Djay on iOS is a powerful DJ application that now integrates ground breaking AI. The NeuralMix technology breaks playing tracks into individual stems. These stems can then be muted, mixed and swapped to create on the fly remixes and mashups. For the best experience however, a DJ will want to control these stems on the fly. MIDI mapping a DJ controllers performance pads is a great way to take full control of Neural Mix and the possibilities it brings. In this guide we will show you how to MIDI Map Neural Mix to your DJ controller, giving you full control.

How to MIDI Map Neural Mix with Algoriddim Djay

1 – Plug in your controller via USB and launch Algoriddim DJay

2 – Click Settings, scroll to Midi Devices
Midi Map Algoriddim Djay

3 – Click on the controller name (DDJ-200 in our example)

Djay DDJ 200 Mapping

4 – Press the button on the controller you wish to map
DDJ 200 Button Action

5 –  Click action and selected required Deck (deck one for left pads, deck two for right pads)
Midi Map Algoriddim Djay Neural Mix

6 – Scroll to Neural Mix section and select desired action
Midi Map Algoriddim Djay Neural Mix Vocals

7 – Repeat for other buttons and actions
Midi Map Algoriddim Djay Neural Mix Stems

8 – Save Configuration and enjoy!

Performing With Neural Mix

Neural Mix stems work best when soloed. The solo option will mute the stem or play it at full volume, allowing the DJ to quickly swap elements out. When mapped to the controllers pads, the DJ must activate the stems for full control.

For example, the song when loaded will play back just fine. However, if the DJ then solo’s one stem element, the software will then mute the other elements of the track. To avoid this happening, the DJ must load the track and then activate all the stems. This allows full control of the stems without unwanted muting of other elements.

Video Guide

Want to learn to DJ with the DDJ 200?

Our dedicated Pioneer DDJ 200 course is our most comprehensive to date with lessons covering WeDJ on iPhone and Android, Algoriddim Djay on iPad and Rekordbox on laptop!


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