Learn How to DJ with an iPad (For FREE!)

Learn To DJ on iPad

Learn How to DJ with an iPad (For FREE!)

How to DJ with an iPad

DJing on a iPad is becoming more popular and for good reason. Today we’re going to help you learn how to DJ on an iPad by using a free app from the app store. Algoriddim Djay Pro 2 is a very powerful app that you can use to learn to DJ and continue using as you progress. You won’t need any DJ equipment yet and you won’t even need any music yet. Why? We have a free music pack for you to download later in the post and a free Spotify Playlist to use too! We have provided three essential lessons to teach beginner DJ’s the basics of performing a mix on an iPad or even your iPhone!

The Crossfader Music Pack

So that you can follow along step by step we have compiled a free music pack to download. Some friends of ours have donated these awesome royalty free pieces of music from several different genres. This is a perfect way to start building your music library. If you are a Spotify Premium user you can play along with our App Academy playlist, click the link below to access it!

Your First Mix on a iPad

So you have downloaded Algoriddim Djay Pro 2, you have subscribed to our Spotify playlist and you’ve downloaded the free music pack. Now it’s time to get started with our very first mix. In this free lesson we will look at performing our first mix, setting cue points and getting used to the SYNC feature within Algoriddim Djay Pro.

Mixing without Sync on a iPad

Now we are comfortable using sync to help us DJ it’s time to look at performing the mix manually. Without the use of headphones it’s often almost impossible to DJ manually. Thankfully we can take advantage of a different view setting within Algoriddim DJ to help us perform this mix. In this free lesson we learn about pitch faders, different view settings and the nudge/scrub controls. Armed with this knowledge we will have you mixing manually on the iPad in no time.

Connecting your iPad to DJ Speakers & Headphones

Now you are performing mixes on the iPad, you’ll want to take it to the next level. Using headphones and speakers with the iPad isn’t obvious with the lack of headphone port on the latest models. In this lesson we break down the essentials you will need to DJ with headphones on the iPad whilst connected to speakers. We also learn about the cue system and how to use a split output system in Algoriddim Djay Pro 2. To perform this you will need an audio adapter, namely a DJ Mono Split cable and a headphone adapter for the iPad, whether that be a lightning or USB C version.

Want more iPad tutorials?

We’re glad you’ve enjoyed our three part series from the App Academy. If you want a bonus lesson where we break down DJ effects and how to use them to make your mixes more exciting, make sure you click below!


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