Hi Hat Mixing – Learning To Cut With Different Rhythmic Patterns

DJ with different timings

Hi Hat Mixing – Learning To Cut With Different Rhythmic Patterns

Free DJ Lesson – Hi-Hat Mixing

This free DJ lesson comes straight from our Rekordbox – Intermediate DJ Course. Even though the lesson is using Rekordbox, the technique can be applied to any DJ set up or DJ software.

It’s easy to get stuck bringing a new track into the mix the same way with every time. This technique is a great way to introduce a new track to the mix without just fading it in. It’s also great for training your ear to the different rhythmic patterns in music.

If you enjoy this lesson and want to learn more tricks then check out our other online courses below!

DDJ-RR (archived) Portable 2-channel controller for rekordbox dj (black) - Pioneer DJ


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  1. miss.simona.summers

    That was brilliant 🙂

  2. Funky Ju

    Nice idea, thank you for this advice, appreciate

  3. Joseph Pon

    do you teach using the roland dj505?

    • Jamie Hartley

      Hey Joseph,

      Our Advanced Serato DJ Course and the DDJ SX2 Beginner course are designed in a way so that they can be taken with a range on controller running Serato DJ. All the features and techniques we showcase on within the courses can be applied and used on the Roland DJ 505.

      We don’t however have any extra lessons yet on the TRS drums and advanced sampler functions which the Roland DJ 505 is great for. We have just got one in the studio so some content will be getting released on it soon publicly and added to these courses in the next few months as we continue to update them.


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