How To Get Free Advertising As A DJ!

free advertising as dj

How To Get Free Advertising As A DJ!

Getting free advertising is a clever way of reaching a wider audience quickly. Usually, DJ pages are constantly looking for new videos to share with their fans. Some of these pages have over 500k subscribers! All you need to do is create some content worthy of posting to such a large number of people. In this video taken from our unique ‘How To Get DJ Gigs Course‘ Lawrence James shares his secrets for getting free advertising and growing a social presence quickly.

Free Advertising

How To Get Gigs Cheat Sheet

Lawrence has put together a free cheat sheet for you to get some quick fire ideas on how to start networking, improving your skills, and increasing your chances of getting more gigs!


How To Get Gigs Course

Are you ready to learn more and take your career to the next level? Here is a breakdown of what to expect inside the course:

This course contains over 30 lessons in which you’ll learn:

  • How to set your goals and create a roadmap to get there
  • How to market reach your audience
  • DJ brand masterclass
  • How to design logos and social media images
  • Setting up cameras and lighting
  • Video editing with Inshot
  • Content inspiration
  • Instagram masterclass including advertising and analytics
  • Tiktok masterclass inducing advertising and analytics
  • YouTube masterclass
  • Mixcloud masterclass
  • Discord masterclass
  • How to batch create content
  • Using tools including Later & Linktree
  • Market research
  • How to network the RIGHT way
  • DJ Agencies
  • How to collaborate to boost your opportunities
  • How to keep gigs and continue to stand out

Click below to view more about the course, and join today!

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