Engine DJ 2.0 Update – What you need to know!

Engine 2.0

Engine DJ 2.0 Update – What you need to know!

It’s all change for Engine DJ with 2.0!

Engine DJ is a name people will know from Denon DJ’s Prime series of players. The Engine Prime software is used to prepare and export music ready for playback on Denon’s media players. Now though, it’s all about to change. Now standing as its own entity, dropping the Prime moniker and moving forward to create independent software and operating systems.

2.0 is the brands first significant release since moving into its own lane. A free upgrade for all Denon DJ users, this update brings a significant overhaul to the database, interface and feature set. In this article, we take a closer look at all the improvements and changes!

What is Engine DJ 2.0?

Version 2 is the latest update to the desktop software and the operating system running inside stand-alone media players such as the Denon DJ Prime 4 and SC6000. With Engine becoming its own entity, we can expect other DJ brands to start implementing their technologies. However, since the InMusic group owns Engine, we do expect these brands to come from the same family. 

Built entirely on a new database, Engine 2.0 is a major update, bringing a lot of new hardware-based features. Thankfully, all of Denon DJ’s current players, support this update and its features. The new database is smaller in size, making it quicker to search and more stable in use.

New Features In Engine OS

Engine Lighting by SoundSwitch – Now with built-in lighting, Engine OS devices automatically sync music with DMX, and Philips Hue lights all from the unit itself. Engine-Lighting offers a dedicated user interface allowing users to control Autoloops, light intensity, and perform various colours and movement override FX all from the touchscreen. Engine Lighting provides two modes, ‘ Basic’ and ‘Pro’, to give the best experience based on user skill level or light configuration.

Engine Lighting

Ableton Link Compatibility – Users can now sync tempo with external hardware using Ableton Link over wired and wireless networks. Ableton Link is compatible with Serato DJ Pro, Rekordbox, Ableton Live and external instruments and drum machines. 

Playlists – The complicated and confusing Crates and Playlists have now been combined into a single system. Playlists can be nested, reordered, and contain tracks from multiple drives. The tracks within a Playlist can be sorted and reordered as needed.

Control Center Menu – The new swipe-down Control Center menu has been unified across all Engine OS products offering a more intuitive layout and improved workflow over various performance and device-specific settings.

Playlist Deck – Users can now assign a deck as a Playlist Player providing continuous playback with automated crossfading. The crossfade duration is adjustable in the preferences. Playlist Deck is available for Prime 4, Prime 2, and Prime GO.

Tracklist Size Button – Change the size of the text when browsing tracks for a clearer view.

Demo Tracks – These new tracks assist users in sound checks and in-store demos. Demo tracks hide when a source drive is connected and can be disabled in preferences.

Expanded streaming service integration – Streaming tracks can now participate in the prepare list, the history list, and the new Playlist player deck. Streamed tracks can also be previewed without loading to the deck.

Desktop Updates

Play History – History lists from connected drives are now automatically added to the home collection and can be viewed from the new History tab without the drive connected.  

SoundSwitch Data Export – SoundSwitch users can now export their venue and light show data via the Sync Manager. Tracks with custom or auto scripted light shows will now have this data exported onto the USB drive, ready for use with Engine Lighting.

Apple M1 Compatibility – Engine DJ 2.0 is now compatible with Apple computer models with M1 processors.

Third-party Library Upgrades – Third-party music Collections can now be imported in full via right-click on the respective Collection list. Crate/Playlist play order, as well as Cue/Loop colour, are now imported.

Rekordbox Import Upgrades – DJs now can import either Memory Cues/Loops or Hot Cues/Loops when importing rekordbox tracks into Engine DJ.

Drag and Drop Folder Import – Dragging a file system folder with subfolders into Engine DJ now creates a new Playlist tree mirroring the folder structure and contents.

Engine DJ Desktop

Download Engine 2.0

You can download the Engine 2.0 updates here!
Note: Denon DJ Mixers (X1800/X1850) will also need to be updated to firmware version 1.5

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Join The Discussion

  1. Dany

    Is Engine DJ OS based on Linux?

    • Holland


  2. Mixed

    Thanks for the heads-up but I’m not as excited about this as I probably should be.

    I have spent the best part of a year organising my collection, updating all the tag info with all the artwork etc.

    I then had to build all the crates, put all my music in them, set all the beats grids to be spot-on and set hot cues, etc etc.

    If I have to loose any of this I am NOT upgrading. I have had a poke about online but I can’t find my answers “yet”

    Fingers crossed the new SW just turns each of my many crates into individual playlists and puts the same tracks into them with all the beatgrid & cues intact?

    I’m too scared to try it.

      • Mixed

        I have done the PC upgrade, had tracks missing, so attempted it a second time and its all good on the PC now.

        I’m not so happy with the Prime-4 update because the waveform display is not only unusable now, it makes me feel a bit ill, a bit like travel sickness.

        I have seen Denon has recognised this now but hard to believe this got past all the testing?

        I will roll player SW back to 1.6.2 for now as I still have a drive at that level, at least the PC part is done.

        • Holland

          Your Engine Library once converted on V2 may not work correctly with V1.6 so make sure your library on your drives is the older format.

        • Ani

          How can you roll back to 1.6.2 ?

          • Holland

            Download the 1.6.2 firmware from Denon DJ’s website and run the update process. Do note the library system is different so ensure you have a backup of your library before rolling firmware back.


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