SoundSwitch Release The Control One


SoundSwitch Release The Control One

Hardware Control For SoundSwitch Lighting

SoundSwitch has just announced the Control One. A dedicated MIDI controller and DMX interface for their lighting software. This control box allows DJ’s to have physical control of the software, which controls DMX and Philips Hue lighting. After recently being integrated into Engine OS 2.0, this is another big move from the company, with their aim to make lighting easier for DJs. SoundSwitch currently integrates with Serato DJ Pro, Virtual DJ and Engine OS players (Denon Prime Series & Numark Mixstream). The software creates custom light shows for tracks playing through the software, keeping everything in time automatically. 

Sound Switch Control One Review

This new Control One allows the user to connect to two DMX universes. With an onboard OLED display, a touch strip for intensity, and dedicated override buttons, the Control One allows the user to have full control with no need to open the software on-screen. Users can also store automated scripts into the unit’s memory allowing for standalone use.  

Key Features

  • 1:1 Hardware Control for SoundSwitch Software
  • Plug and Play with Engine DJ Hardware (Engine Lighting)
  • Performance Pads with Customizable RGB
  • Onboard Memory for Storing Light Patch and Settings
  • Pro-grade DMX Connections for 2 DMX Universes
  • DMX Input for Merging with Install Lighting Systems
  • Dual USB for B2B DJ Sets
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 6.6” x 10.6” x 2.1”
  • Weight: 2 lbs
    RRP $299.00 / €299.99 / £249.99 

Sound Switch Control One Inputs

Our First Impressions

We’ve had the Control One for a couple of weeks here in the office, and it’s a fantastic, well-built controller and DMX interface. SoundSwitch seems to be achieving its goal of making lighting easier to understand, and it’s truly impressive the results this software can achieve, even when used in automated mode! However, Control One is aimed more at the professional market than that. A market that already understands lighting well. With two USB inputs for B2B DJ sets and the ability to connect to two DMX universes, this is a serious piece of hardware.

The control one is a large unit that doesn’t fit easily in a DJ’s backpack when carrying other equipment. The task of setting up venues, knowing each address and then rescripting all tracks to take full advantage means that this certainly isn’t a solution for DJ’s playing in numerous locations. We tried it on the road, and sadly, it wasn’t a great experience. A small error in the set-up meant we were left with a whole library that required re-scripting, not ideal!

It does have the ability to be permanently installed inside a venue, however, there’s a potential issue with that scenario too. Even though the Control One is cheap for a DMX interface with two universes, the SoundSwitch software is currently subscription-based. Something that installers will not be happy about. Sound Switch does offer a one-time purchase. However, with the website’s wording already warning that this one-time purchase is limited to the current version of the software, we still feel most venues will avoid this solution.

So this leaves one ideal target market for the Contol One, the mobile DJ. For a mobile DJ, knowing their own lights and requirements, the Control One is almost perfect! We can really see this product taking off with mobile DJs, especially those already using Engine OS hardware such as the Denon DJ Prime 4. The inbuilt memory coming in useful for activating lights, even without input from decks!

SoundSwitch Control One Guide

Sound Switch Tutorial

Learn more about SoundSwitch and its capabilities in our guide video below!

We’ll be testing the Control One thoroughly over the upcoming weeks so stay tuned for our full review and guide! 


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