The Best Gifts For A DJ – Gift Guide 2023

DJ Gift Guide

The Best Gifts For A DJ – Gift Guide 2023

What to buy a DJ? – The Ultimate DJ Gift Guide

Knowing what to buy a DJ can be a complicated process, but don’t worry! In this easy DJ gift guide, we’re going to break down the perfect gifts for DJ’s at every stage of their progression. As one of the world’s largest DJ schools, we know exactly what DJ’s want and need to not only enjoy DJ’ing more but to also progress in their development.

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Perfect DJ Decks for first time DJ’s

Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 – £139 – Click To Buy

Small, affordable and great for beginners, the DDJ 200 is an excellent choice for those not looking to break the bank when purchasing their first set of decks. Designed to be used with the DJ’s phone or iPad, this portable controller can be used almost anywhere. The small size and wireless nature does create drawbacks with awkward speaker connectivity.

We offer a dedicated DJ course specifically for the DDJ 200, and it’s the perfect way for you to get started on your DJ journey. Learn how to mix, beat-match and play your favourite music with our dedicated video training.

Buy the DDJ 200 CourseRead The DDJ-200 Full Review

DJ Gift Guide

Numark Mixtrack Pro FX – £195 – Click To Buy

With fantastic build quality, great jog wheels and unique paddle effects, the Numark Mixtrack Pro is an excellent entry-level two-channel controller that comes bundled with Serato DJ Lite. If the budget can stretch, the Platinum model is almost identical but adds onboard jog displays and the ability to mix four channels.

Buy The Serato DJ Lite Beginner CourseRead The Numark Mixtrack Pro FX Review

Hercules DJ Control Inpulse 500 – £249 – Click To Buy

The Hercules Inpulse 500 is one of our favourite controllers released in 2020. With a built-in beat matching guide, which helps beginners master the basics, the Inpulse also features controls and features for more advanced DJ’s. The ability to use this controller with the more advanced Serato DJ Pro (paid upgrade) means this controller is an excellent investment with dedicated buttons for features not included in the beginner Serato DJ Lite.

A superb investment for those looking for a controller to last them into the intermediate stages of DJ’ing!

Buy The Serato DJ Lite Beginner Course Read The Full Hercules Inpulse 500 Review

What To Buy a DJ

Pioneer DJ DDJ-400 – £249 – Click To Buy

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-400 is one the most popular controllers on sale, and for good reason. This little controller takes full advantage of Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox software with advanced features such as effects, pitch play and more.

Designed to resemble the more professional Pioneer DJ products, the DDJ-400 certainly looks the part. We’re a huge fan of this controller and it’s certainly very popular within our community!

Buy The Rekordbox Beginner CourseRead The Full DDJ-400 Review

Which Headphones to buy a DJ

Pioneer DJ CUE1 Headphones – £69 – Click To Buy

Solid sound at a great price, the Pioneer DJ CUE1 headphones come in various colours to match a DJ’s style. Available in a Bluetooth option for listening to music on the way to a gig, the CUE1 headphones feature a solid build.

The custom coloured cables and ear pads make for great stocking fillers to accompany these headphones!

headphones for dj's

V-Moda Crossfade M-100 Master – £199 – Click To Buy

Professional DJ’s love to customise their equipment with logos and branding. The V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Headphones are not only superb premium headphones with high resolution audio, but they are fully customisable with removable shields.

The shield designs are personalised on the V-MODA website. With custom printing and engraving options available, the shields can even be made from precious metals! The ideal personalised gift, these headphones sound just as good as they look!

Sennheiser HD 25 – £129 – Click To Buy

The worlds most popular DJ headphone, used by some of the biggest act, the HD 25 is a superb gift for any DJ. Known for it’s balanced sound, superb isolation and robust build, the Sennheiser HD 25 is a lightweight headphone that can be comfortably worn for hours. Every part of the HD 25 can be replaced if required, meaning the same pair can last for decades if required!

Available in a different versions to suit different budgets, the HD 25 can even be customised to suit an individuals personality. Take a look at our friends at Custom Cans for one of a kind HD 25 headphones, either full custom designs, or one of their amazing off-the-shelf colours. Their work is first class and backed by a warranty.

HD25 Christmas DJ Gift Guide

Practical DJ Gifts

Sandisk Extreme Pro USB Stick – £51 – Click To Buy

USB sticks are the primary method used to carry music to be played back on external players at the club such as CDJ’s. Exporting music to these drives can be a painfully slow experience though! That’s all because of the speed of the drive used. These Sandisk Extreme Pro USB sticks feature fantastic read/write speeds and are well known for being the best USB sticks for DJ’s using Rekordbox or Engine Prime.

Available in various storage sizes, every DJ should carry one or two of these sticks for live performances!

DJ Gift Guide

NEO by Oyaide d+ Cables – £Various – Click To Buy

As the saying goes, buy cheap, buy twice! Oyaide cables are far from cheap. However, they last a very long time and are found in the majority of professional DJ’s bags.

Available in green or white, Oyaide cables are flat in design to combat tangling. Used by world-class DJ’s such Carl Cox, Dubfire, Loco Dice, Diplo and Sasha to name a few, these cables are high on every DJ’s wish list of gear!

Samsung T5 SSD – £120 – Click To Buy

Making a back up of your music is essential for any DJ. The Samsung T5 external SSD features lightning-fast read/write speeds and the ability to be used with regular USB ports plus newer USB C connections.

With a tough aluminium case, this drive is ideal for storing music collections on or creating large backups!

What to buy a DJ

DeckSaver – £Various – Click To Buy

Looking after your equipment from accidental knocks, scrapes and spills is vital. Thankfully, DeckSaver has everyone (literally) covered! Their range of covers not only protect the equipment from knocks and drink spills but they also act as great dust covers.

The covers are made of a polycarbonate material that can take incredible loads without even scratching, jumping on the cover or even driving over it won’t damage these amazing covers! Deck Saver have an incredible range with a cover for almost every piece of equipment, every single one fitting like a glove.

Evermix Box 4 – £120 – Click To Buy

2020 has been a strange year for DJ’s with most venues closed, however there has been a monumental uprise in streaming and sharing DJ sets online. The Evermix Box 4 is a small sound card thats designed for use with the DJ’s mobile phone. The box allows DJ’s to record their DJ sets straight into their phones.

The included application helps ensure the best possible sound quality and helps with uploading the mix to either personal online storage or social media sites such as Soundcloud. In addition to record sets, the Evermix box 4 also allows DJ’s to stream their sets with perfect audio quality direct from their phones, ideal for those without access to a second computer.

DJ Presents

DJ Gifts That Keep On Giving

BPM Supreme Subscription – £19.99 Per Month – Click To Buy

DJ’s can legally download music in bulk from services called record pools. These services charge a set subscription price and offer unlimited downloads from their massive collection of tracks. The songs available are tailor made for DJ’s and are often very difficult to find elsewhere. One of our favourite record pools is BPM Supreme.

BPM Supreme offers a massive catalogue of music, covering various genre’s and eras. On top of this BPM Supreme’s mobile application allows DJ’s to search for music whilst on the go, automatically downloading them next time they are at their computer. Updated daily with new music, this gift is one that will fuel a DJ’s career for years to come!

Save 25% off your first month by using code: CROSSFADER

Online DJ Gifts

Crossfader Educational Course – £Various – Click To Buy

Here at Crossfader, we offer dedicated courses for DJ’s of all abilities and backgrounds. We provide dedicated courses for every major software and hardware platform, breaking the lessons into ability levels to make it easier to progress at your own pace. With beginner, intermediate and advanced courses available for every major DJ software, we cover 95% of all major decks on the market.

Our creative DJ courses serve the more advanced DJ who wants to learn advanced skills such as scratching, key play and creative transitions. There truly is a course for everyone; if you’re unsure which course will suit best please feel free to get in touch. Alternatively, purchase a Crossfader Gift Card and allow the lucky DJ to choose their own course!

Our best selling courses:

Serato Studio – $9.99 per month – Click To Buy

Almost every DJ will at some stage in their career want to create their own music. Wether it be an original track, simple mashup or even a remix, creating your own music is a huge step in a DJ’s career. However, the programmes used to create music can often be expensive and confusing. Enter Serato, creator of one of the world’s most popular DJ software.

Serato Studio is a fantastic application that bridges the world of DJ’ing and Producing, making creating music easier than ever. Available as a one time purchase or as a monthly subscription, Serato Studio won’t break the bank either!

Use coupon code CROSSFADER to get 2 months free subscription!

Streaming Gifts

Streaming Subscription – £Various – Click To Learn More

Services such as Spotify have kept the general public streaming music for years. However DJ’s have long relied on paying and downloading tracks individually. This can not only get expensive, it also takes up valuable storage space! Thankfully this all changed recently and streaming services are now available to DJ’s!

Ideal for beginner DJ’s who haven’t built their own record collection yet, streaming services are monthly subscriptions that allow DJ’s to play millions of songs! Each service offers slightly different music collections and not every streaming service works with every DJ application. Thankfully we have a full streaming guide which explains which service will suit best, you can read it here.

Gifts for the Turntablist DJ

Custom Slipmats – £17 – Click To Buy

The perfect gift for any DJ with a set of turntables, custom slip mats are a cheap and easy gift that every DJ will adore. Perfect for decorating and personalising turntables when they aren’t in use, the slip mats can be customised with text, images and logos.

Vinyl Gifts

Custom Vinyl – £99 – Click To Buy

Vinylify offer the ability to create completely custom vinyl, pressed with songs and delivered in art work of your choice! Pick ten minutes of audio per side, the vinyls sticker and even the artwork for the sleeve and Vinylify create your masterpiece.

What will you pick to press into the vinyl, the DJ’s favourite song or maybe a remix they have created! The options are endless.

Reloop Vinyl Cleaning Set – £22.99 – Click To Buy

As any DJ will know, there’s nothing worse than playing on dirty records. This cleaning kit has everything needed to keep the whole set up running dirt and dust free with brushes and fluid for not only the records but also the needles too! The perfect gift for turntablists of all ages!

vinyl gifts

Ortofone Cartridges – From £70 – Click To Buy

Cartridges are one of the most import elements of a turntable and sadly they wear out over time. Thankfully, Ortofone create amazing cartridges tuned to particular styles of DJ’ing. So no matter who you’re buying for, there is the perfect cartridge for their style!

The Ortofone Concorde is widely considered one of the best cartridges in the business, offering superb sound for the price!

Give the gift of noise… DJ Speakers!

MiniRig 3 – £139 – Click To Buy

Prepare to be amazed at how small a good speaker can actually be! The MiniRig 3 is a battery powered portable speaker that neatly fits into any DJ’s backpack. With high quality bluetooth and 3.5mm auxiliary input, this speaker is ideal for DJ’ing on the go and listening around the house! The battery boasts 100 hours of life on a single charge too, ideal when traveling!

DJ Gift Guide

KRK Rokit RP5 G4 Active Speaker Pair – £307 – Click To Buy

It only takes DJ’s one glance at the legendary yellow speaker cone to recognise a KRK speaker. These new RP5 G4 models have a new refined, balanced sound that will suit DJ’s playing at home. With built-in custom-tuned amplifiers, these speakers are straightforward to connect and get set up. New for 2020, the speaker can be tuned via a phone application to get the best possible sound!

Bag it up, bag it in, let me begin! The perfect DJ Bags this Christmas!

Magma Riot DJ Backpack II – £155 – Click To Buy

The Riot DJ II from Magma is an extremely popular backpack in the DJ community. Big enough to fit a mixer inside, 12″ records, 15″ laptops and so much more!

This backpack strikes the right balance between storage and size, not being much larger than a regular backpack. Built for life on the road and being kicked around DJ booths, the Magma Riot features high quality materials and neat compartments for perfect organisation!

Dj Gift Guide

UDG Ultimate DIGI Headphone Bag – £31 – Click To Buy

The perfect solution for USB DJ’s, the Ultimate DIGI Headphone Bag carries cuts the bulk out, carrying just the essentials. Complete with detachable shoulder strap, this little bag contains clever solutions to maximise its organisation.

With room for headphones, numerous USB’s, spare cables and even bank cards, this little bag is all a digital DJ needs when traveling to the club! The DIGI Headphone bag is available in numerous colours which is ideal given how popular this little bag has become!

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