10 DJ Websites All DJ’s Should Know About!

10 websites for djs

10 DJ Websites All DJ’s Should Know About!

10 DJ Websites All DJs Should Know About

As modern DJs, we’re all very active online. Whether updating social media, downloading the latest tracks or simply updating software, we all have our go-to websites. In this article, we will cover ten websites that all DJs SHOULD know about! All of these websites offer something unique to every DJ, whether it’s trying to search for new music, adding tools to your DJ sets or becoming more engaged in DJ culture.

1. 1001 Tracklist – Find tracklists from your favourite DJs

Long gone are the days of Shazzaming your favourite DJ’s latest set, searching endlessly for the exact remix they played. 1001 Tracklists is a fantastic tool that lists entire playlists from live sets, radio shows and streams. From Daft Punk to James HYPE, you can find every track and the all-important remixes that your favourite DJ recently played. Curated by a hand-picked specialist team, 1001 Tracklist is the ultimate tool for finding songs to make every set stand out.

2. Rekord.Cloud – All in One Library Management System

Looking for the ultimate tool to manage your DJ library? This might just well be it. From automatically fixing insufficient track data to converting entire libraries, is an incredibly impressive software solution. We’re big fans of, using it to clear almost 16GB of duplicates and unused tracks in our library alone! You can even use their full online demo to explore the vast arrange of tools available; click here to try them now! Please note they have recently changed their brand to Lexicon, however the tool has only improved along with a new name. I wonder if Pioneer DJ weren’t happy about them using the word Rekord?!

3. Hypeddit – Free Music Downloads

Most DJs will have used Hypeddit already, even if they weren’t initially aware of it. Hypeddit provides the popular fan gates used by producers on sites such as Soundcloud to convert downloads into social media activity. Although Hypeddit is a fantastic tool for producers, the website also serves as an excellent place for DJs to find trending tracks. The top downloads section shows the top 100 downloaded songs of that week, in essence creating an unofficial Soundcloud chart!

4. LALAL.IO – Vocal Extractor

Acapellas are incredibly powerful creative tools for a DJ. However, they are often tough to find. LALAL makes creating high quality acapellas a simple task, breaking uploaded tracks into instrumental and acapella versions with impressive results. LALAL is free for users to process up to 10 minutes of audio, easily enough for most DJ tracks. Try it for yourself by clicking here.

5. Beeple – World Class Free Visuals For Your Streams

Level up your live streams with free visuals from Beeple. Now famous for his multimillion-dollar NFT sales, digital artist Beeple creates and shares free visual loops via his website. These loops can be used freely under the creative commons licence. His visual loops are of the highest quality, helping DJs level up their live streams. Because of the high quality, the loops are pretty large files and require a strong internet connection to download!

6. Crossfader – Tutorials, Courses and Much More

Want to learn more DJ skills? You’re already in the right place! Here at Crossfader, we provide tutorials, guides and tips to help you become a better DJ. Further to our dedicated online tutorials and videos, we also offer complete DJ courses for those looking to take their learning to the next level. Accessed online, these courses are available anywhere in the world at any time. Using our dedicated iOS application, you can download lessons to your phone and take the lessons offline. Our DJ Hub subscription takes our teaching one step further, with access to over 250 advanced tutorials and guides. In the DJ Hub, our members have access to industry discounts. Mix breakdowns, technical guides, complete advanced DJ courses, and so much more.

7. Who Sampled – Find The Original Samples

WhoSampled is a fantastic resource for those looking to create exciting and unique transitions. With many modern music sampling older songs, Who Sampled provides tremendous help showing users exactly where a sample was used. This fantastic tool lets DJs find and download the exact samples used, making for dynamic and exciting mashups and transitions!

8. Splice / Loopmasters – Download loops, samples, vocals

Splice and Loopmasters offer royalty-free samples, loops and vocals. These can be added to your DJ set in several ways to help level up your transitions and sets! Click here for our dedicated sampler guide, which is a fantastic way to activate the loops and samples downloaded from these fantastic stores!

splice samples

9. DJ Mag – DJ Culture, News Articles, Live DJ sets

DJ Mag is a treasure chest of information from the DJ culture. Discover interviews, clubbing news, artist spotlights and much more. Their online magazine website is updated regularly and an excellent place for music-related reading. They even share live DJ sets of artists who guest in their HQ; talk about Friday night staff drinks!

10. Voclr.It – Download Acapellas (This has since been removed)

This was on our original list of must-visit websites. However, it has been removed. Instead, we recommend you check out some of the best DJ Record Pools on the market. These pools have vast libraries of acapellas and DJ ready music. Our favourites are BPM Supreme, DJ City, and streaming partners Beatsource Link and Beatport Link.

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