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All DJs need music! And we all love free exclusive music, right?! That’s why we have a free music pack you can download to help build your music library or add to an already extensive collection. We’ve collected a wide range of tunes from friends and producers around the world. You won’t find these tracks anywhere else. Just sign up to receive the download link and add the Crossfader Music Pack to your library now!

DJ Tutorials


Beginner DJ Lesson

This free DJ tutorial on the Pioneer DDJ SB3 is taken directly from our Serato Beginner & DDJ SB3 Courses.
One of the key skills every DJ needs to understand is what the EQs and filters do. They’re often overlooked but are very important in creating a balanced and clean sounding mix.

Creative DJ Lesson

Serato DJ Pro has a range of FX available. One of those effects is the version echo, a variation of the echo we all know and love. This effect creates a triplet style echo and can be used in a variety of creative ways. In the following tutorial taken directly from our Serato Intermediate DJ Course, our tutor Jamie, explains how to use the version echo to enhance a song’s drop! This mixing technique can be applied to almost any song with a nice build-up and drop.

You will need to prepare some hot cue’s and get confident multi-tasking during the mixing process. It’s a great way to grab a crowd’s attention and bring the energy level of a crowd up! If you enjoy the tutorial, make sure to check out our Serato DJ Courses here.

Beginner DJ Lesson

As part of our beginner DJ course for Rekordbox we will teach you how to beat match and correct the timing of music manually. Taking control of your equipment and mixing is essential for future skill development. Here is a peek inside the course at one of the many lessons breaking down these necessary fundamental skills!

Creative DJ Lesson

In this lesson taken from our Rekordbox Intermediate DJ Course you will learn how to use the ‘Trans’ effect in Rekordbox DJ. Whether you own the Pioneer DDJ 1000, DDJ 400 or a DDJ RB or RR to name a few this lesson can be applied to any Rekordbox controller.

What is Trans?
Trans is short for transform, a scratch technique used to cut up longer sounds and create silences in that sound. The trans effect automates that process and is a creative effect to use when mixing.


Intermediate DJ Lesson

This tutorial taken from our Traktor Intermediate DJ Course breaks down where to set up hot cues for practical and creative mixing purposes.

Advanced FX Combo Tutorial

This next 2 part tutorial taken from our Traktor Advanced DJ Course inside the DJ Hub starts to look deeper at the Traktor FX banks.

Pioneer XDJ

Beginner DJ Lesson

This lesson is taken straight from our XDJ – Beginner DJ Course; however, the same technique can be applied to any set up that can create an echo.
Using this technique to create a build-up can work well when playing to a crowd. Watch and follow along to find out more.

Intermediate DJ Lesson – Pitch Effect Tricks

The pitch effect is often overlooked! Mainly because it’s hard to know what to do with it, to make it sound good in the mix. Here is our favourite way to utilise this effect along with some creative transitioning. This lesson is taken straight from our Intermediate DJ Course for the Pioneer XDJ units!


In this free DJ tutorial taken from our Denon DJ Prime – Beginner DJ Course you will learn how to layer songs together in phrase. This instantly improves any transition as the two songs change together. While one song breaks down during the outro the other song builds up through the intro and so on. You can test out this technique and follow along with this tutorial as the tracks used are in our free Crossfader Music Pack.


Free DJ Transitions Course Lesson

Using the SYNC feature is a great way to transition between genres that have a drastic difference in BPM. In this tutorial taken directly from the DJ transitions course, we show you how to move from a house song to a pop remix. That’s 122bpm – 106bpm in one mix.

Rekordbox Tutorial

Serato Tutorial

Free Scratching Lesson

If you want to get access to the scratch sample and beat used in this free scratching lesson from our online scratching course sign up here. After signing up, you will be sent an email with the download and get redirected back to this video to follow along.

Free Toneplay Lesson

If you want to follow along with the free lesson from our tone play course with the piano tool used then sign up here. After signing up, you will be emailed the piano tool and redirected back to this video to follow along.

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Crossfader is here to help you learn and develop as a DJ. Whether you’re a bedroom DJ, working club DJ or an artist rocking the festivals already there is a place for everyone. Our aim is to help transform you into a more skilful, confident DJ whilst also providing support and a place to network with other DJs.

We’re a UK based company built from a small team of dedicated DJ’s who have worked in the industry for many years. We love music and have a passion for technology in the DJ industry. Our team are always experimenting, mixing, scratching and developing their own skills. Some of which you can see in our weekly #SundayDJSkills videos.