What do others have to say about us?

Jake Coates

Ive been collecting records and Djing now for about 4years. Ive always wanted to get into production but wanted to become a Dj before I became a Dj/producer. With been 23 and working full time It was hard for me to enter back into education with time, fees etc and I was searching for a course I could get on that was at an affordable price and gave me enough experience to walk away with to carry on the journey as a producer and crossfader was just that!
When I first walked in I knew nothing at all to do with how abelton worked, what this did or what that did, after spending Tuesday evenings over in Leeds learning I soon picked up that skills I needed. Credit to Ryan for putting up with my awful tracks I would bring him each week, he would soon show me where I was going wrong to make them sound stomping. Shouts to Jamie aswell for setting up crossfader and giving me opportunity to learn what I wanted.
Would highly recommend if someone is in the same boat as I was and wanting to learn the ways of production. Ive met some good friends as well through crossfader and Im sure people will agree its like I little family so cheers boys.

Jake Coates
Adam Goward

More than just a company… Made friends for life through Crossfader but most importantly learnt everything from the very basics of djing to the more advanced and technical side of things. I knew becoming a DJ was a massive dream to me but I didn’t realise how much I loved djing until I did this course, every single problem or question is dealt with professionally and comfortably. 100% recommend this to everyone!!

Adam Goward
kieran harris

I’ve wanted to DJ since I was a teenager but never had the money to afford the kit! Since then I wanted to learn but didn’t want to end up stuck in my bedroom forever. That’s why I came to crossfader not only is it grade A tuition but a family of djs who support each other and gain live experience. Thanks guys for making a life long ambition come to fruition.

Kieran Harris
freddie podmore

After undertaking the full DJ Course at Crossfader Music Academy I thought I may as well give the Production Course a go as I had so much fun DJing! I had done no production before in any way so initially found it hard to get my head around the interface of Ableton Live but my production tutor, Ryan was fantastic in going though each detail and answering any sort of questions.

With the help of Ryan we came up with the base for my own song which I can now finish and get out there. The course suited me so well because the lessons can be adapted to the learning pace of the student, the type of music you want to produce and you are able to go over certain things again and again and basically rinse the knowledge of your tutor!

I would never have realised there were so many ways you can experiment on production software and produce your own style of music but this course as opened my eyes to how its done in the real world by the DJs I love so I’d definitely recommend joining Crossfader as you’re in for the. best. time!!

Freddie Podmore
ben rainey

Having been a DJ ‘professionally’ for a year or so I thought I knew my role pretty well, I had seen just how much Crossfader was doing for local up and coming DJs in Leeds and surrounding areas and was more than anything intrigued. I also wanted to produce my own music and I knew they offered this as a service so I booked a course that provided both for me.

I was quickly shocked and excited in the same moment I realised there was so much more creativeness and technicality to DJing then that what I already knew, Jamie Hartley the instructor quickly brought a new lease of life to my mixing skills and improved my basic knowledge of the sciene of music within 5 weeks and I now find mixing multi genres and creative, clever mixing a lot easier.

Ryan the production tutor also taught me a lot that I thought I could never learn in 5 weeks to boost my production, Which I am now pushing to release my first track.

I would recommend anyone who’s serious about learning DJing and Production to go to Crossfader, It’s brought me on leaps and bounds.

Ben Rainey
Tom Robinson

Jamie (the tutor) hasn’t only taught me more than i have taught myself in 3 years. He is now what i call a friend and his heart is truly with helping others due to him knowing how hard it is to get yourself out there. I have done a half group course with two of my mates, great way of learning. He is always looking out for others by giving opportunities to people on crossfader, opportunities that don’t come along that often.

Katie is great also she is kind and always helping others. She deals with the payment side of things and asks questions/ replies to emails super fast. Everyone involved have became friends and it is constantly growing we welcome new members with open arms.

Jamie’s knowledge and expertise, guarantee you to improve and if you want to join do not hesitate. Best thing i have ever done and i will be booking my other half of the course over the christmas period.

Tom Robinson
Jimmy Cooney

Joining crossfader was one of the best things I’ve done for myself as a DJ/producer!

I had been DJing around 18 months and producing about a year before undertaking a full DJ and production course at Crossfader. The equipment is all top of the range Pioneer, which were great to learn on. My DJ instructor Jamie was very good at tailoring the course to suit my pace, and I learnt lots of interesting techniques which made my mixing much more interesting. Ryan was my production teacher and showed me new ways of using Ableton to get more out of my production sessions. I learnt a lot about sampling, sound design and how to tighten up mixes and get them sounding nice and juicy.

The crossfader community is great to be part of. The Facebook group is very active with discussions, tracks people have made, mixes and organising meet-ups. They’re also a lovely bunch of people which I’m glad to be a part of.

The main thing I took from Crossfader was a shift in my mindset and attitude when it comes to music. With DJing, it made me realise that you should be bringing something new to the table in terms of your mixing style, and the course helped me develop this. With production, I now have more tools at my disposal, so getting an idea from my head to Ableton before losing it is much easier.

I had a great time with Crossfader, big up Jamie, Ryan, Katie and all others involved with Crossfader, thanks for helping me to get where I am!

Jimmy Cooney
Elliot Roberts

Great experience learning from great tutors who have been there and done it all week in week out! The group course allowed us to do something amazing with friends and this course has really given me a massive interest in learning how to DJ. The music academy is a great way to meet new friends and create opportunities for yourself no matter what ability!

Elliot Roberts

We booked onto a beginners course here and had a fantastic experience. Jamie is a very talented DJ and a brilliant teacher. We learnt so much more than I expected to pick up in just 90 minutes and Jamie was able to do the lesson with the same controller that we had purchased. Would really recommend this to anyone interested in quickly learning the basics of beat matching, mixing etc.

Joel Cockcroft
josh williams

Well what can I say about this place that even gets close to describing how EPIC it is? Up to this point I’ve been on two full courses with crossfader, a beginners DJ course with the very talented Jamie Hartley, I went in with some prior knowledge but the course started from the ground upwards. It covered everything from beat matching by ear to scratch techniques they also covered the equipment and software with in the industry. It all has really launched my DJ career miles a head it has allowed me to gain skills that have gained me access to multiple residencies in and around Leeds. My second visit to Crossfader is more recent, spun over the past two weeks. It was a one on one production course with the masterful Ryan Murray. I literally had zero knowledge of Ableton when I started the course but I had experience in other DAW’s which helped. Within a 10-hour course I have built a full track and gone through the full production pipeline from start to finish. The course is fantastically built and covers all aspects of production but not only this, the ongoing online support helps massively on his page with online tutorials etc. So, you can always relate back to something you may have forgot within the lesson. It has really inspired me to create music and attempt to make it in to a career. Anyone who is wanting to go in this direction, I can’t stress enough how these guys can get you where you want to be, they are the best in the business.

Josh Williams
Jamie Thomson

I grew up around music and played almost every instrument imaginable trying to find my musical calling. When I decided to by a set of decks, I thought that I needed proper teaching to prevent myself from developing any bad habits. When looking for online tutorials and such I stumbled across Crossfader Music Academy.I was a regular club go-er in Leeds and every night that I went to when Jamie Hartley was DJing always turned out to be an amazing night, so when I found out that I could be taught by a DJ that I looked up too I knew almost instantly this was the right place for me. I called as soon as Crossfader open for that day and was booked into my lesson the next day. The Crossfader Music Academy inspired me and has opened up an avenue of opportunities. I would highly recommend this institution to aspiring, current and even advanced DJs as the tutor Jamie Hartley has a wealth of knowledge to cater to any skill level. Since joining I have been inducted into a family of DJs where all current and graduated students support each other and help each other progress as DJs in the industry.

Jamie Thomson