UDG Ultimate Waist Pack Review

UDG Waist Pack Review

UDG Ultimate Waist Pack Review

The ultimate waist bag, but who’s it for?

When we recieved the parcel from UDG with our three review backpacks we certainly weren’t expecting to receive the waist pack. A new product from UDG, the waist pack is one of the smallest products we have seen from the company. However sitting in the Ultimate family, this bag has a big reputation to fill. So how does a bag aimed more at Festival goers than full time DJ’s fit into the UDG range and is it a good purchase? Let’s find out!

The Build

The ultimate waist bag is constructed from the same water resistant nylon material that features on most UDG backpacks. The strap is wide and strong, spreading the weight evenly and the buckle feels sturdy and clicks shut reassuringly. We highly doubt anyone will have any build quality issues with this bag, the whole construction feels professional and expensive throughout. The zips are large and feature long, chunky toggles to help you when zipping up in dark locations.

The top pocket also features tabs at either end of the pocket to grip whilst using the zip to help keep the bag taught and straight. Keeping the top pocket from flapping about and adding a little more security to the bag is the large metal G hook. This feels superb and add’s a little touch of quality to the bag. The only slight criticism we could find regarding the build of the bag is black interior. Unlike other bags in the ultimate range, this is one of the few UDG products that doesn’t feature the signature orange interior fabric. Not a deal breaker but something worth pointing out.

The Storage

The Ultimate waist bag comes with two main pockets. The first is found on top and is ideal for quick access, loose change and festival passes can be easily stored in here. Under the main flap we find the main pocket, with two smaller compartments inside this area is large enough to carry headphones, USB’s and keys. Being quite a small bag it’s best that they left both compartments as open as possible to maximise the versatility of the bag. Too many pockets and area’s in this bag would compromise its storage space, how ever it does feel strange seeing a UDG bag without a pen holder!

In Conclusion

Unfortunately with a bag this small there isn’t that much to write about. The key aspects have all been nailed by UDG however, this small bag is as versatile as it is strong. Modern day DJ’s don’t need to carry as much gear these days and as such we aren’t surprised to see UDG releasing products like this one. Bags that can be used one day to carry the essentials to gigs one day and used for personal items at a festival the next are bound to sell well, we expect to see more products like the waist pack in the near future.

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