Triplets Timing – Scratching Tutorial

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Triplets Timing – Scratching Tutorial

Learning to scratch can be a daunting process. There are so many code names for each of the scratch techniques and even more complex tutorials to go along with each. Most tutorials feature turntables which can be daunting for any DJs using controllers. Here at Crossfader our aim is to make scratching accessible to everyone, especially those DJs who want to learn to scratch on a controller.

This scratch tutorial focuses on how to scratch in triplet timing. We’re so programmed as DJs to focus on the 4 strong beats that repeat throughout the music that we end up sounding very robotic when learning to scratch. This particular timing feels very obscure when learning but it will help provide way more groove to your scratch patterns.

Are you a total beginner to scratching?

We would recommend beginner scratch DJs go to this article and video first! Here you will learn how to speed up the basic baby scratch technique to make a more unique pattern. It will also introduce you to various timings within the music.

Ready to learn triplets timing?

Cross-Fa-Der Scratch-ing-Tool. Remember this motto. You will be repeating it over and over in your head! All will make sense after watching the scratching DJ tutorial video below. Below the video is a signup form to download the tools used in the lesson so you can sign up and follow along!

Free DJ Scratching Sound Effect and Sample

Before learning to scratch you will need the all-important ‘aah’ or ‘fresh’ scratch sounds! In our scratching tool pack taken from our complete online scratching course, you will find these legendary scratch samples as well as free beats to jam along to. Just sign up below and remember to check your emails (even that spam folder).

Want to learn more?

Check out our complete online scratching course to learn how to perform everything from simple baby scratches to complete scratch combos using advanced techniques. You will also learn how to, more importantly, apply your scratching in a practical way throughout your DJ sets. Find out more by click below.


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