The DJ Discussion – Advice from industry veteran Lawrence James

The DJ Discussion

The DJ Discussion – Advice from industry veteran Lawrence James

Introducing the DJ Discussion. A brand new series hosted by DJ Lawrence James, a DJ who has forged a career spanning bars, nightclubs, guest sets and festivals. Taking the experiences and knowledge built up over the last ten years, LJ is here to discuss the issues you might face in the DJ industry and provide an insight on how to tackle them.

Episode One – Getting Your First Gig As A DJ

In the first episode of The DJ Discussion, DJ Lawrence James breaks down what it takes to get started in the DJ industry. Listen to his story and how the industry has changed over the last 10 years!

  • Learn how Lawrence James got his first gig
  • Staying flexible with genre’s to aid your DJ sets
  • Modern Day DJ’ing

Episode 2 – What makes a good warm up DJ?

In the second episode of The DJ Discussion, DJ Lawrence James explores what makes a good warm up DJ. Listen to the tips and advice he has if you’re just starting out with warm up sets!

  • Preparing your music
  • Song selection
  • Showcasing your skills whilst not stealing the limelight

Episode Three – Getting Paid as a DJ

In the third episode of The DJ Discussion, DJ Lawrence James explains how to get paid as a DJ and what to expect when you’re starting out. How much should you charge for your DJ sets? When to expect payment?

  • How and when to ask for payment
  • How much to expect
  • Is working for free worth the experience/exposure?
  • How to deal with none payments

Episode Four – Using a Microphone

Using a microphone as a DJ can be a daunting task at first. In this Episode of the DJ Discussion Lawrence James helps break down what to do and how to conquer any fears. Not every DJ will want to use a microphone but it can be a key tool in crowd control!

  • Phrases to use on the microphone
  • How to interact with your crowd
  • Whens best to use the mic

Episode Five – Answering Your Questions

In this special episode of the DJ discussion, Lawrence James takes a look through your questions from the previous 4 episodes and offers his opinion. Remember you can join in the discussion using the hash tag #ASKLJ

  • How to build your own music library
  • How to promote yourself
  • DJ’ing at all ages

Episode Six – Gaining Exposure as a DJ

A top request on the series so far is how DJ’s can gain exposure and push their presence within the scene. Today DJ Lawrence James shares his top five tips on how to achieve this!

  • How to go about online promotion
  • Logo and branding
  • Using social media

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