Stream from Rekordbox with no soundcard!

Stream Without Soundcard

Stream from Rekordbox with no soundcard!

Stream your Rekordbox DJ Set with a DDJ Controller!

In this guide we will show you how to capture high quality audio from Rekordbox for use with third party streaming services such as OBS or Facebook Live. Setting up your audio is critical to giving the best possible stream to your audiences! This can be done with any DDJ controller with Rekordbox on both Mac and Windows.

Streaming Rekordbox on Mac

First of all we need to set up a virtual input. This allows the Mac to capture the sound that would usually be heading out to your speakers. There are a few applications you can download to do this. In this example we will be using BlackHole as it’s free.


If Mac OS blocks the install, head to System Preferences > Security & Preferences > Open Anyway

Configure Master Output

Head to Applications > Utilities > Audio MIDI Setup. Right-click on BlackHole 16ch and click Use This Device For Sound Output.

Configure Rekordbox Audio Settings

Connect your controller and launch Rekordbox. Open Preferences and click Audio.

Tick the box “Output audio from the computer’s built-in speakers”, and the Master Output should now show DDJ-RB + Blackhole 16ch.

Live Stream

Now the audio is set up go to your streaming service of choice. Under the audio input settings, select Blackhole 16ch.
You can now stream with crystal clear audio!

Streaming Rekordbox on Windows

To enable streaming on web applications such as Facebook Live, download a Virtual Cable software. For this example, VB Cable will be used. You can download it for free below.


You must right click and Install as Administrator to avoid errors when installing VB Cable

With your controller connected and powered-on, open rekordbox. Open the Preferences > Audio > Output Devices.
Ensure “Output audio from the computer’s built in speaker and your DJ equipment” is ticked. The output then needs to be set to you Controllers name + Cable Input.

Live Stream

Now the audio is set up go to your streaming service of choice.
Under the audio input settings, select the Cable Output. You can now stream with perfect audio quality!

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  1. Brett

    Hi, I am having difficulty with Rekordbox on my DDJ-400 recognising my external speaker in Preferences > Audio > Output Devices. I have ticked the output audio box at the top of this screen but only get the Output choice Master + Macbook Pro Speakers not Master + Built-in Output.

    Grateful for any help as spent an hour yesterday trying to sort this out.

    • Holland

      Hey Brett, How is your external speaker connected? Thanks

      • Brett

        Hey Holland, thanks for replying. Connected through an AUX cable. Until last week this used to work so not sure if it is an issue with my privacy settings on my mac or need to update drivers.

        • Holland

          Am I right in thinking that the speaker is connected to the computers headphone port rather than the controller? In this scenario, you could use the option to use the computer’s output alongside the controller (computer icon with speaker inside it, next to the settings cog). If this isn’t working, I’ll attach a help article below. The easier method would be to connect the speakers directly to the controllers master output though. If you don’t have the correct cable you can always buy 3.5mm aux to RCA cables from Amazon quite cheap!

          Hope this helps!

  2. dan.fardon

    On my MacBook Pro I’m getting heaps of pops and crackle in the audio both from my monitors and even worse on the stream. Can’t figure out why as the cpu load is only 35% any ideas??

    • Holland

      Try raising the USB latency buffer size if you are experiencing audio issues

      • David

        Csn I use the mic output with this method as lo g as I have rca cable connected while live streaming to obs with ddj800

        • Holland

          To be perfectly honest I’m not sure if the microphone works using the DDJ-800 with this method as I’ve never tested it. However I would imagine it would work fine!


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