Slicer Mode: Creative Ways To Remix A Song Live!

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Slicer Mode: Creative Ways To Remix A Song Live!

Create your own VIP edit of a song on the fly..

This lesson comes straight from our Rekordbox – Intermediate DJ Course which is available now! See if you can use this technique to make your DJ sets more unique and interesting. Even though this lesson is taught using the DDJ RB and Rekordbox it can be applied to any DJ set up that offers the slicer mode feature.

Slicer Mode:

Remember to have a play with the different parameter’s, such as the length and the roll. We would recommend 8 beats in length and either 1/2 or 1/4 roll.

slicer mode rekordbox

Serato DJ Variation:

Here is another pattern using the same song and slicer mode with a Serato DJ enabled controller. This is from one of our previous #SundayDJSkills videos:

Want more lessons?

Check out the full list of available courses we currently offer below. Each course is packed full of tips and tricks with new ways to mix and make your sets more interesting! You can also improve your beat matching and mixing skills with the beginner DJ courses.


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