Serato Flip Tutorial

Serato Flip Tutorial

Serato Flip Tutorial

5 Ways To Use Serato Flip!

Serato Flip is an expansion for the Serato DJ Pro software. This expansion allows you to automate a hot cue sequence and then save it to the track file. There are lots of ways to make use of Serato Flip and in this tutorial, we will be breaking down 5 of the most popular uses for it. These tips will help you better prepare your music and allow you to get creative in your DJ sets!

Serato Flip Video Tutorial

Example 1: Creating Intro Edits

One way to use Serato Flip is to extend instrumental parts of a song creating an intro before jumping into the first verse or chorus. This can be a very practical way to manage your hip hop, pop, R&B and commercial music that doesn’t feature much of an intro!

Example 2: Different Drop/Shorten Track

Another example is to jump to another drop in the track or shorten a track down. This is a simple one but great if you want to get rid of parts of a track that won’t work in your mix.

Example 3: The Drop Remix

Serato Flip allows you to create a pattern with the hot cues and then have that pattern loop continuously. The drop remix is a great way to edit a song’s drop or melody. Just hit record and then jam with the hot cues to juggle different elements of the drop around. Try to pick 2/3 different notes or drum sounds to play with.

Example 4: The Transition

Being able to transition between genres is a skill that most DJs want to master. Serato Flip unlocks new ways to do this. For example, you could turn the drums of a hip hop track into a double-time beat to then mix into drum & bass. You could also create a new drum pattern to any other BPM by playing the hot cues with a kick and snare along to the new track’s bpm.

Example 5: Tone Play

Tone play is a creative mixing technique that is used by a lot of Red Bull Thre3style DJ’s. Some tone plays can be really hard to pull off so by recording it using Serato Flip you can get a clean performance every time. Tone play uses different notes in a song to recreate the melody of another song. These transitions can take a lot of practice to master and even longer to come up with. But once you have come up with one Serato Flip can help you perform it flawlessly every time.

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