Secret Serato DJ Tips & Tricks

Getting Started With Serato

Secret Serato DJ Tips & Tricks

How to make the most of Serato DJ

Serato DJ is full of great shortcuts and amazing features. Let us share some of our favourites with you all! From the best keyboard shortcuts to how to set up Smart Crates and even how to half or double multiple files BPM values.

All the shortcuts are labelled for a Mac however just replace ‘cmd’ with ‘cntrl’ on Windows!

List of shortcuts:

cmd + F = Jump to search bar.

cmd + L = Locate the last played track in either playlist or library. (Keep pressing to toggle between the two)

cmd + P = Prepare the selected track.

cmd + Z = Undo the last loaded track. Perfect for if you accidentally load the next track onto the playing deck.

cmd + Click on library headers = Secondary sort options

Smart Crates: Just have a play with the different rules available. Our favourites are setting rules between certain bpm ranges. We also love using smart crates to sort acapellas and intro edits.

alt + up/down arrow while editing bpm = Half or double multiple bpm values. Works great for changing those tracks that could be analysed in double time or half time. Let us know if you have some of your own favourite short cuts, tips or tricks in the comments below!

Want to learn more Serato DJ skills?

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