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Secret DJ Tutorial

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Thanks for joining Crossfader. Our aim is to help you become a creative and confident DJ! In this secret DJ tutorial, I’ll show you how to get creative with looping, effects, crossfader cuts and more! This trick is used by many pro DJs and in 10 minutes you’ll know how to perform it too.

The songs used in this lesson are taken from our Crossfader Music Pack available in the email you will have been sent! (Sign up here if you haven’t received the email)

Tracks used in the lesson:
Klaudia – Carousel (Dots Per Inch Remix)
Example – All Night (Dots Per Inch Remix)

I hope this tutorial has given you something to practice and add to your mixes and transitions. If you’re ready to learn some more skills then check out some more free tutorials here!

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  1. Alistair

    Great video with a range of techniques. This is really inspiring me to do your beginner Serato DJ course. The tighter loops sound fab. Can these be done in Serato DJ Lite as I can’t get the auto-loops to go shorter than 1 beat?

    • Holland

      Sadly Serato DJ Lite is limited to just one beat loops, where as Pro can drop further down

  2. Annabelle

    Hi! Thank you for this video! Can you do the tighter loop with DDJ200? Thanks

  3. Joris

    Thanks for this nice trick, Jamie.
    One question: how do you get the hot cues in rekordbox represent the positioning of those on the controller? (being 8 squares). In my case the hot cues are listed in 2 columns of 4 rows each

    • Holland

      In Rekordbox preferences head to view and set the PAD Mode to customise, then select pad display! Hope this helps

  4. Jeff

    would like to say thanks for d/l and all your tips

    • Holland


    • Scott

      hi I’m new to djing I’ve just gone out all hog and bought the ddj flx10 I hope I can get round to playing it .. have I jumped in to fast 😳 please give me some pointers …

      thanks for your help 👍

      • Joel Paterson

        Great controller, don’t worry about jumping in too fast, just focus on learning the basics and play around with the more advanced stuff when you feel ready.

        If you need help getting started, our Beginner Rekordbox Course covers all the basics and more, including the new stems stuff.

  5. selectaranx

    Epic video, two weeks now and still waiting for DDJ 400 to arrive (Germany to UK) (compromised by covid). I want to learn new ways to transition, fill the breaks, get more familiar with effects, more control of the the energy levels! I will most definitely be incorporating some of your mixing talents in my sets! Thank you so much JH.
    Nuff respect! Peace.

    DJ Ranx


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