Roll Effect Trick – How it’s done

Roll Effect Trick

Roll Effect Trick – How it’s done

Mix three tracks with just two faders! – Pioneer Roll Effect

This trick is perfect for anybody who regularly plays on a Pioneer DJ all in one unit such as the XDJ RR, RX2 or XZ or the range of Pioneer mixers such as the DJM 900NX2.

The roll effect is so powerful as it can be used to record a pattern or loop into the mixer and then can even be switched over to another channel entirely.

Step One – Set Up The Beat FX Unit

Firstly, the beat FX unit on the Pioneer DJ mixer or player needs to be set up correctly. Select the roll effect and ensure the channel number your playing on is set to the effect. Once set, ensure the BPM is set to auto and set the wet/dry control to 12 o’clock. If you’re player or mixer features FX Frequency, ensure all three bands are selected.

Pioneer Roll Effect FX Set Up

Step Two – Beat Fractions

Once the effect unit is set up, it’s essential that we set the beat fraction, or division to four beats. This will allow us to record a perfect bar into the roll effect.

Beat FX divisions

Step Three – Hot Cues

To create a great sounding pattern, set hot cues on key notes and parts of the track. The hot cues can then be used to sample parts of the track, allowing the DJ to create an interesting and dynamic pattern. Try placing hot cues on isolated vocals and instrumental break downs for the best effect.

pioneer ddj 1000 performance pads

Step Four – Record the pattern on Roll

Once the effect bank is set up and you have a hot cue pattern in mind, it’s time to record. Press the effect on/off button to start the 4 beat roll effect. Once flashing, the roll will effect any action performed on the selected deck. In our example we combine the hot cue stabs with a vinyl break.

Step Five – Switch the Roll to another channel

Keeping the roll effective active, the recorded pattern will now start to loop. The effect can now be assigned to a different channel and will continue to loop the recorded pattern. We advise switching the roll to an unused channel such as the AUX.

Step Six – Mix on the unused channel.

Now the roll is looping on another channel, the original channel is now free to be used for mixing. Get creative using trim control or fader to bring in the pattern when required!

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