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Rekordbox Vocal Analysis

Analyse where vocals lie inside your tracks with Rekordbox 6

Artificial intelligence is featuring more and more inside DJ software. Last month Algoriddim showcased its new Neural Mix technology, with artificial technology breaking tracks into individual stems. Pioneer DJ is using the technology in a different way however, to determine where vocals lie within a track using a feature called Vocal Analysis inside Rekordbox 6. This tool is particularly useful for DJ’s to help avoid clashing vocals when mixing, as the vocals are clearly shown above the waveform with a blue line. Meaning there is less chance of overlapping the vocals, causing an unnatural sounding mix. Before we begin, it’s worth noting that Vocal Analysis is only available to Rekordbox 6 users that are subscribed to the Creative Plan.

How to analyse vocals in Rekordbox

  1. Enable Vocal Waveforms in View Preferences Rekordbox Vocal Settings
  2. Highlight tracks for vocal analysis
  3. Right-click and select, analyze tracks Analyze Rekordbox Vocal
  4. To avoid overwriting existing data, uncheck all options except Vocal Rekordbox analysis settings
  5. Press OK, the tracks will now analyze in the background. rekordbox-analyse
  6. Once analyzed, tracks will show a blue line under their icon in the library Vocal Analysed Icon
  7. Load the track into the deck to see the new blue lines indicating vocals. The brighter the line, the louder the vocal. Rekordbox Deck Rekordbox Waveform

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