Rekordbox Quantize Settings – How It’s Done

Rekordbox Quantize

Rekordbox Quantize Settings – How It’s Done

Change the way Quantize works inside Rekordbox DJ

Quantize is an amazing feature that locks the input of a DJ to the beat grid of a track. Ensuring actions such as play, loops, hot cues and more take place perfectly in time. However, there are a lot of instances where Quantize limits a DJ’s creativity or works against the DJ. This is evident when a beat grid is inaccurate or if the DJ wants to finger drum a hot cue faster than the quanitzed time setting.

Rather than just turning off quantize though, Rekordbox DJ offers the ability to change what is affected by the setting. Meaning the DJ can keep Quantize on for say Loops where being perfectly on time is important, but turn the feature off on Hot Cues, regaining the ability to finger drum quickly!

How To Change The Quantize Settings

Head to the Rekordbox Preferences Under the “Others” tab, Quantize is shown with the available parameters that can be changed

Rekordbox Quantize Settings

In our example we have turned off Quantize affecting Hot Cues and left the rest of the settings at a 1 beat interval

Once the settings have been tweaked to your preferences, close the settings and turn Quantize on ready to perform!

How to turn Quantize On

If your controller has a dedicated Quantize button, it can be activated on the controller. If your controller doesn’t include a quantize button, you can activate the feature by pressing the Q inside the virtual deck. This will illuminate red when the feature is activated.

Quantize Virtual Deck Rekordbox

Video Guide

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